Monday, November 16, 2009


Saturday, 14 November 2009/26 Zulkaedah 1430. It was dinner at Restoran Sari Ratu, Subang Parade on Friday night for the family including the expecting mother Djasriza. We were all there except Abu Bakar Sidqi who was late in returning home. Over a wide spread choice of Minang dishes which included 'kentang teri, ayam gulai, sayur kalian, gado-gado, ayam special, asam pedas ratu, bergedel, sambal merah dan sambal hijau' plus the ordered drinks, all six adults and two children savored the serving with relish. Not surprisingly all serving plates were left empty except the sambal. The restaurant was one of several in the city serving Minang cooking minus the normal Minang serving of all dishes laid on the table and charging you for those taken only. I suppose it would be fine when you have a large table to take in all the plates of dishes. Not when it comes with 3' X 3' only or smaller table size.

There was still time to spare before the doors of Subang Parade shut for the evening, for the group to head to the lower ground floor at Parkson's. They bought fruits and especially oranges being deemed necessary for those having sore throats and fever. Extra vitamin C would help. My wife and I were in the state of wanting that extra lift having down with fever and flu. Fruits of course were delights for all as well.

It was near to ten thirty at night when we filed into the Honda Odyssey and headed home for USJ. I guessed everyone must have retired before midnight including Abu Bakar Sidqi who missed the diner serving but got back from College soon after we arrived home. Reeling from the discomfort of a fever and flu that has taken me twice to see the doctor with subsequence doses of antibiotic etc, I must have dozed off early too only hearing the daughter excusing the mother to go off early as usual early in the morning. This was the usual every morning farewell exercise. Only I was mistaken to find out later that it happened about 4.00 am in the morning. Djasriza and Idzfan took leave to proceed to the nearest hospital. The 'stalk' was on its way. I guess we were too 'tired' to realize the urgency and did not follow them. More ever their two young children were at home too and someone has to care for them.

Only after breakfast, did I realize where both of them have gone. Not hearing further from them by 11.00 am, my wife and son decided to go to the hospital as well. Bless them for on checking with Abu Bakar Sidqi later we were assured that a baby boy has been delivered; both mother and baby reportedly well.

Now at 1.55 pm at the point of typing this note, glancing out I see my wife entering the front gate and soon the story will pour out. For sure we have added into the family another grandchild making a total of sweet sixteen of the younger group and how grander a 'dato' can you be?

Either by coincidence or Providence, we are in town as we were when Djasriza gave birth the last time to Idzlaila. Following this of course, we will see the normal observations of religious and traditional customs. He has not been named yet. Still his elder brother, six year old Danish has proclaimed him 'Adam' and promising in his boyish manner 'Abang sentiasa di- sisimu' (I will be with you all time). How brotherly can you get! Incidentally both the sister and the new born were delivered at the same SunWay Hospital Petaling Jaya.

Signing off 2.00 pm



Pak Non & Kak Wan,

Tahniah from me and wife.
Boleh aqeqah lah bulan haji ni.

Doa semoga semboh dari selsema.Banyak minum ayiak suam.


kotastar said...

Saudara Mat Isa,
Terima kasih banyak.InsyaAllah aqeqah dan korban pun dalam ingatan.Catatan itu pada satu hari akan menjadi sesuatu kepada cucu lelaki itu. Itu pun kalau mereka masih ingin membaca 10 - 20 tahun akan datang.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Tahniah dapat cucu baru. Dah berap orang cucu sekarang? Arwah Apak saya dah ada 12...and still counting.

kotastar said...


Being a rugby player, the answer is in the fifth paragraph of the story. Just with one extra player for the rugby team and that too if all the males and females played together. Ha ,Ha.