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NOW THAT WOULD BE PUZZLING. however it sounds familiar.It's in German, the original yet when translated every one would say " Oh I know it". Surely since it's none other than " BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER"

The Malay translation may take many forms and shades but suffice if it also mean "Kalau Getah Meleleh, Kalau Daun Melayang" .The subject seems to browse on the family's attitude, closeness, concern and in all probability when it falls to the last straw, It would be the kins who would be offering their helping hands, showing their concerns where necessary. Therefore Islam enjoins upon its believers to believe in the faith and offer prayers for the well being of those around and lend their helping hands when necessary. Close and deep rooted friends and acquaintances may necessarily be as brothers or sisters but the certainty would be more leaning towards one's blood linkages.

I am not touching or harping on the question of getting assistance or help here but rather on the urge to trace and be acquainted with the family tree. Now how many would stop albeit care to be linked to his or her family tree.? Even to start guessing itself may be the last game they would play. Malays in Malaysia, including those in the land below the wind ( Sabah) as well as Sarawak, Brunei , Singapore and Indonesia may hail from many other regions. Of course discourses, family trees help to tract down ancestors. Therefore it is with great admiration that I salute three visitors who came to our home recently. They were from Banjarmasin Indonesia. Actually they have been in Kedah for sometimes but occupied with their studies as post graduate students at UUM.

Now people at Kampong Titi Gajah Alor Setar at least the elders are rather familiar with a famous religious personality of the late 19th and early 20th century who hailed from here. In fact the local mosque bears his name - Masjid Tuan Hussein. Tuan Hussein bin Mohd Nasir bin Mohd Taib Al-Masudi Al Banjari
a 'tokoh ulama' of the old school , founder of a religious 'pondok' at Titi Gajah and several others traveled all over the country and even outside to spread Islamic teaching. Born of Banjari heritage in 1863 at Titi Gajah, he died at the age of 75 in 1935 and was buried at his birth place . It is recognized that his parentage were from Kelampaian, Martapura Banjarmasin.

Our friends from Indonesia actually made a visit to the mosque at Titi Gajah to visit the grave of Tuan Hussein and by stroke of luck were guided to our home. Only then did we know that one of them was asked to get in contact with the descendants of the Tok Guru residing here. The request of his grandfather at Banjarmasin was successfully executed by Saudara Ahmad Syadzali from 'Fakultus Ushuluddin (Kompleks Iain Antasari) Banjarmasin Indonesia. The linkage once again gives hope for the familes here at Titi Gajah to know more of the people on the other side of the South China Sea. If before Banjarmasin was a name linked with the Tok Guru now it has greater depth and substance. For sure it shows the continuance of blood relationship and the search justifies the end.

The city of Banjarmasin is connected via Jakarta and a flight from Kuala Lumpur would certainly takes us there in no less than three hours. We look forward to meeting our kins on that side of the border and learn more of the Banjaris.



salam Pak Non,

Most Kedahans are linked to outside world.Some have origins from Pattani,Aceh,Banjar etc.Even in srengenge the migration of Shahnon's father from Bukit Tinggi in Sumatera by boat is known to many.Cross marriages between locals are interesting : in me I have the pattani and Indian blood and a little unknown 'orang asal dari kemboja'.


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Pak Cha ,
Taulah kawan kita tu dari sebelah sana.Sebenarnya ayah Kak Wan Hj Md Arshad tu yang ada hubungan dg Tuan Hussein. Artikel itu ditulis sebagai satu hubungan kekeluargaan dg kawan di Banjarmasin dan paspot untuk kami ke sana pula. Hendak ikut sama? BTW berjaya connect to feedjit.Ha Ha.

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Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Thomas