Sunday, August 15, 2010


WE may remember that once we were advised that should we forget to remember things then we may tie a knot on our finger to make us remember what we were told to do. Then if you were asked to go the grocery shop you would not forget the various items your mother had listed. Imagine sending a male to the shop to buy the necessaries for the kitchen. Still who else? Of course not the elephant though it is known to have excellent memories.

Then I caught sight of this great loop or vine somewhere on the island of Langkawi. Imagine if this giant loop is tied around us and then maybe we will not forget anything and remember all.

Well it somehow give me a purpose to recollect many things as well. The picture of a Hollywood film star popular in the early fifty's may make us realize how as boys we collect cinema programs and pictures of starlets such as Terry Moore. Mind you, now such postcards are in great demand and do not cost 10/20 cents as they did then. You make expect to be rewarded 50 or 100 times its original cost. Sadly I don't have many left in my old drawers.Like many others we discarded them or others of similar circumstances without realizing their values.


The electric train that now brings you from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur takes only TWO hours and landing at Seremban station will only add another hour. So mind you the often familiar calling " Ipoh Mali" will re echo once more in a lighter vain. Now I have yet to see whether the same 'kayu' are used as sleepers for the track knowing that many has been taken off. Some being at the front of our ancient home.

Not really the last, even this young sister is fondly caring and loving her youngest brother. During Ramadhan especially all should give a moment or a lasting time to remember our elders for all the comforts and blessings they have given us.Mind you without their helps our present knots would not have been tied too. So do what you should do and don't wait for AidilFitri'. We forget. Ya bukan sahaja Melayu cepat lupa. Sebenarnya ramai yang suka lupa.

Being a wolf cub in my early school day I learn to tie many knots.


Aishah said...

Time flies, memories linger. We may forget easy but sometimes, some things are just hard to go away. Movies, musics, sights and smells tie the knots and can take us on an immediate time travel.

Al-Manar said...

Sdr Kota Star,
Somehow my current need is no longer as great as it was during the greener days. So I do not need so many knots - just one rubber band would do.
Salaam dan selamat berpuasa dari Pantai Timur.