Friday, January 7, 2011


WE HAVE OF COURSE gone through 2010 leaving only the next three days for its completion. Three days or 72 hours to go before the world vibrates with the merry shout of "HAPPY NEW YEAR". Will it be so? Or will it reserve happenings that shutters the world as in the past? One immediate clamour will be only tomorrow evening when the Suzuki Cup sees its final in Jakarta. If Malaysia wins, then 2011 will help to usher in a new spirit in Malaysia's football comeback as Asia's power house when once we were there. What of Sepaktakraw? Badminton sees a strong promise but younger shutters have to come forth.

On the political background another bi-election is on the way and maybe the national one is close on its track too. Won't that make 2011 a decisive one which ever way you look at it.

Right now we are on track to the capital city of Australia. No not for holidaying but to visit a family friend whose wife is not in the pink of health. Linkages and friendship are hard to find and once found they have to be kept and uphold. In this respect it is circumspect that we heed the advice of none other but prophet Muhammad saw himself " the rights of one Muslim over another are SIX .... when you meet him, you greet him with the salam ( i.e to say "Assalammualikum...; when he invites you, you accept his invitation, when he consults you in a matter, you give hm advice; when he sneezes and praises God, you ask God to have mercy on him, when he is sick, you visit him and when he passes away you accompany him (through the funeral).

In this Prophet narration we find true Muslim is encouraged with concern for his brother in Islam during the three phases of his worldly existence: his health, sickness and death.

Let this be a parting aside as we say farewell to 2010 and welcome the new year (1432 H) and (2011 M) with concord and lustre.

( better late than never  for reason of computer glitches when away from home 5/1/2011)                    

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