Friday, January 7, 2011


What do you call them?  Entertainers? Guest Artists? or pure hard working people surviving for their upkeep and daily chores?

Go to any country in the world you will see them in the streets, in the tunnels and subways where people moved about in their daily works. They help in an unexpected way to make our stressed and tired feet lighter with their music and sound. You may not stop to listen or care about their presence there. Yet at times you are pulled by the crowd that gathered, halted in their tracks to find the antics of these entertainers who helped to make the street scenes peculiar yet surprisingly lively and entertaining.

A few days back we were entertained gratis of course by this Japanese lad who professionally played the guitar and the harmonica with gusture and skill. Certainly the crowd along one of Melbourne's famous street had a good break while out doing their shopping or just enjoying the warm summer weather. It was particularly a busy day, the fourth day of the New Year with shops in the city offering summer sales and discounts . Tired feet earned a good break as we stood a while enjoying sound and music from a roaming musician. Yet he has recorded disks for sale as well while of course pleased with the contributions from donors as they throw their coins and notes into his guitar casing. He will be there the next day or he may moved on to other cities continuing to bring good music and sound.        

The next time you are in the city gaze around or feel free to hear sweet sound floating by and you will surely meet the street entertainers. Kuala Lumpur itself is not short of supply of our street entertainers.


cekmekzue said...

Salam Pak Non,
have been a silent visitor for so long and i thought I'd leave my trail today by wishing you and Kak Wan both a Happy New Year 2011, eight days late . been meaning to write since we last met at Majid for breakfast the other day ( me and hubby Jefri )Have always enjoyed reading your entries, such powerful and beautifully written sentences. Welcome back from your haj and so sorry about your flood affected home. Ours too, but not as bad as yours.Have a nice day both of you and hope will always stay in the pink of health.

KotaStar said...

Hi, Cekmekzue,

Thanks a million for yr patronage and esp the warm regards. Ye we have return both from Haj and a shorttrip to Canberra. Now masih di Kl dan mungkin smapai balik AS Isnin ini. Salam to both of you.

Pak Non