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'Katanya pada bulan Rabiulawal kebiasaannya di Tanah Arab pokok buah-buahan mula berbunga dan seterusnya berbuah.  Setelah kedatangan Islam Rasulullah SAW telah mengekalkan nama Rabiulawal hingga sekarang.'

Biar pun kini pada bulan Januari dan menjelang Februari 2012 cuaca dan suhunya dingin di Hemisphere Utara, jelas pula tidak begitu di negara kita. Walaupun negeri-negeri di Pantai Timor masih menghadapi musim ketujuh nampaknya kedatangan Rabiulawal di negeri Jelapang Padi, Kedah yang bakal disambut dua minggu lagi telah menampakkan keistimewaan dan kelainan. Pada lazimnya pokok-pokok bunga khususnya di jalan-jalan utama berbunga pada bulan April  dan paling awal Mac. Hari ini sudah kelihatan sausana yang menyegar dan mengistiharkan 'Rabiulawal' telah menghampiri kita. Jesteru segala persedian menyambutnya  dan khusus ' Maulidur Rasul' perlu disegerakan.

Mengapa tidak kerana apa yang dirakamkan petang ini dan kelihatan dibawah nyata sekali musim bunga telah tiba di bandar ini, jauh lebih awal daripada biasa. Bukan Februari atau Mac tetapi pada tanggal 22 hb January 2012 bandar Alor Setar sudah digemparkan dengan satu keistimewaan.

Pohon indah ini yang berbunga lebat seolah-olah menyambut ketibaan Rabiulawal. ( It seems to flower much earlier than usual , in fact two months ahead)

It's flowering time in this city. Strange and a surprise indeed for 'springtime' comes much earlier than usual . No we do not have seasons here but we do have hot and dry plus the wet season. We are in fact  approaching the dry season now with less of rainfall. Nevertheless it is good to see the trees with their blooms. Come February we also celebrate the arrival of Rabiulawal, the third month of the Muslim Hijrah year, it succeeding Muharram and Safar . Rabiulawal is historical and significant to Muslims throughout the world for on the 12th of the month it ushers the birth date of Prophet Muhammad SAW. This year it coincides with the 5th of February which is a public holiday in Malaysia. No doubt various programs have been arranged throughout the country to remember this auspicious day either privately or by the administration at all levels. All mosques and surau would have activities to remember the significance of the day and salutations to our prophet Muhamad SAW. Homes too will echo with 'selawat' ,'zikir' and the reading of the 'Koran' as Muslims remember ' Maulidur Rasul'.

Let me remember this day by reflecting on a mosque that is much favoured and visited by pilgrims or visitors to Saudi Arabia besides Al Haram in Mecca. I would like to share several pictures of the mosque in Madinah with  those who have walked and prayed in its halls, felt its sanctity and sacredness. This is the Prophet's Mosque or 'Masjid Nabawi' at Madinah. InsyaAllah these photos would  call for our return visits or cause those who have yet to visit Mecca and Madinah either for the Haj or Umrah wanting and wishing to do so soon.           

 Giant umbrella or canopies protect the pilgrims from the hot sun while adding to the richness and beauty of the mosque. The open space has its value when a million jemaah or more visit Madinah Al Mukarammah and do solat at the mosque.

The green dome of Masjid Nabi

 One of the gates where jemaah enter the mosque. This is 'Babsalam' gate.


Among the doors and emblems that surround the mosque

In the interior section of the mosque you would find all things arranged neatly and orderly


Wall to wall carpeted  with the 'Koran' neatly arranged on shelves and fully access to the Jemaah 

On the open terrace of the top floor of the mosque

The open umbrella at the main court yard inside the mosque.This would be one of the first umbrella cover built in the mosque with extensions firstly 1368 - 1375H and secondly 1405 - 1414H.

  View of pillars and ceilings

It's flowering time at Madinah even in November 2010 as recorded in this photograph

Muslims who have been fortunate to visit Madinah and  have the exception of praying at Masjid Nabawi is rewarded for one  solat is equivalent to one thousand solat. In other words the reward here is greater than performing solat in other mosques excepting Al Haram. Forty solats in Masjid Nabawi are equivalent to forty thousand solats. Added a solat offered in congregation is rewarded by Allah SAW twenty five times more. Thus the forty solats will be equivalent to solats offered in five hundred years.Obviously  it is in the reward and not in number.  

We can say 'syukur' for Allah has opened His doors of Mercy by allowing us to visit Madinah al Munawarah and Masjid Nabawi again and again. Ya banyak yang merinduinya dan Al Haram dan mohon untuk kembali semula.

Let me close this writing by showing several other mosques especially in our part of the country that have contributed in no uncertain ways towards growth of Islam and the Muslim community. We had the the opportunity to visit them excepting one in Islamabad.

    Masjid Faisal Islamabad, named  after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who funded the building. Construction began 1976 and completed 1986

 Masjid Kapitan Kling Pulau Pinang (1801)

     Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh Pulau Pinang (1801)

  Masjid Kristal Kuala Trengganu

Masjid Zahir Alor Setar (1914)

Masjid Sultan Singapore (1824)

        Masjid Putra Putrajaya


Masjid Agung Palembang  (1738)

Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Bandar Brunei Darussalam

Allah SWT berfirman di dalam Surah al-Anbia - 107  

"Tidaklah Kami utuskan engkau ( wahai Muhammad) melainkan untuk mendatangkan kerahmatan kepada seluruh alam"


MamaTim said...

Alhamdulillah a very nice article. I just found out abt yr blogsite and insyaAllah will read past posts later. U've also inspired me to take photos of the blooming trees along Jln K Kedah. Most of the trees there have just started to bloom. For this inspiration I thank U.

kotastar said...

Mama Tim , Welcome esp on this Ist day of R'awal. Thank you for dropping by and I do hope you will find time to browse thru my stories which began since 2007. Glad to know another blogger in Alor Setar esp. I had a brief look at yr writing and I must say you are kept busy like other ladies with chores after chores....By the way I am at TTGajah and I am sure the trees at Jalan Kuala Kedah will fill yr camera with beautiful shots. Salam Tbanks again.

Wan Sharif said...

Nice post and those pictures surely will remind many of us...

kotastar said...

Wan Shariff,

Tak sengaja ditambahkan 'f' being the man in hat and possibly a 'policeman' or lawman in style and character.. Maaflah kerana berkesempatan to 'pull yr legs'Apa pun as you said the photos will remain reminders to many of us and particularly have photos from 1989 onwards whenever we visited the two cities.Very soon Mekkah too will shed its own heritage unless people trasures their memories an keep reminder'

Al-Manar said...

Spring time will come to my prt of the world a round April when Monsoon is all gone. That will also be about the time people go out to sea for 'candat sotong'.

I wish I had kept my interest in photogrphy. I feel certain it is so much easier now than those years when you had to judge shutter speed, aperure, film speed etc. You know that surely.