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RIGHTLY AND IN RESPECT OF RABIULAWAL the third month of Hijrah 1433, the particular subject becomes an urgent reminder to us. We are made aware of our duties to our neighbors religiously , ethically and culturally and in respect of its adherence we may be satisfied and proud that there is a continuing sense or responsibility and commitment. Is it so?

Taking the following as obligations to Muslims, we must search its true applications in the current dimensions. 

Prophet Muhammad SAW on the rights of the neighbor said,

" It is to help him if he asks your help, to lend him if he asks to borrow from you to satisfy his needs if he becomes poor, to console him if he is visited by an affliction, to congratulate him if he is met with good fortune, to visit him if he became ill, to attend his funeral if he dies, not to make your home higher than his without his consent less you deny him the breeze, to offer him fruits when you buy some or to take it to your home secretly if you do not do that, nor to send out your children with it so as not to upset his children,no to bother him by the tempting smell of your food unless you send him some"     

Truly the neighbour holds a specific station in Islam. Islam encourages Muslim to treat their neighbors in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam as exemplified in its tolerant aspect especially with people of other faiths."  Consider this .

" O Messenger of Allah, I have two neighbours. To whom shall I sent my gifts?" asked Ayesha the Prophet's wife .Prophet Muhammad said " To the one whose gate is close to you.' 

 It helps because we have many  as defined  "Your neighbour is 4o houses ahead of you and 40 houses at your back, 40 houses to your left and 40 houses to your right'  That already makes a total of 160 good friends around us.

I am struck by the above subject by incidents and happenings that came to light in the last few days. Yes not even a week back yet. Hj Md Arshad, my father- in- law succumbed to his long illness on 29th Safar 1433 and was laid to rest on the same day. In those moments and hours of sadness and consoling to the family as the body lies for visitation by families and friends, none more comforting than to see friends, kins and neighbours descending on the home to pay their last respect and offer prayers as they saw him for the last time. More so when hundreds were at the mosque to offer 'solat jenazah' before he is laid to rest and the 'talkin' read.

He lived to the ripe age of 85, a week before his 86th birthday, a respected personality in the community, religious and forthright and never shunned to help and contribute. Yet he was humble, a non scholar as primary schooling was not even his forte yet he rose in life, a  self -made carpenter and later a partner in a company that went to be listed on the board. A giant of a man who left much to be admired and followed. A father with seven sons and daughters, plus the in laws, forty-one grand children and nine great grand children.None so much richer with the blessings of Allah SWT.

A close door neighbour also came visiting a few days later. They had earlier conveyed condolences personally by phone and in their busy schedules saw necessary to call personally.They are our next door neighbour, whose gate is  closest to ours as the fence are shared too. They and many others called to share their sadness while offering strength and consoling to my mother-in-law and the family.Theirs is a relationship that has stretched more than fifty years.  

Yes truly our neighbours, friends and families become the token of our existence, our shared comradeship and our love and respect for one another. The linkages and enduring strength comes in moments when we most needed and hoped for. Truly it is a lesson in life.

   Tun Siti Hasmah offering her condolences to the daughter of Al Marhum Hj Md Arshad

      Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the neighbour being welcomed by the son and grand son of AlMarhum Hj Md Arshad

Kisses and warmth sealed the visitation

     The family is grateful for the visit from our neighbor

In his busy and tight schedule our visitor like others who called earlier honour the spirit of friendship and neighbourliness as exemplified in the quotes above

         The grandchildren now learning  more of their late grandfather

     The family at the graveside before the 'talkin' was read

The 'doa' offered on the first three nights at the home with our neighbours and friends attending.

       Al Marhum Hj Md Arshad with the wife. Both on the wheel chair while in his last umrah in 2008. Even when on the sick bed lately he expressed the hope of fulfilling the umrah again with the family. On many occasion he brought joy to friends and family by sponsoring their visits to the holy land for 'umrah'



oceangirl said...

Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. May Allah forgive all his sins. Please accept my sincere condolences.

KotaStar said...


Terima kasih atas kiriman takziah.Hoping that you are in good spirit too and maybe basking on the deck with the wind blowing the sail. Our warm greetings.

MamaTim said...

alFatihah buat arwah. insyaAllah he's placed amongst the pious.

TQ for the stories and photos of visiting Tun.

Al-Manar said...

Sedih bila mendengar kematian. Munkin ini mengingatkan yang yang ini ialah hak kita semua. mahu astau tidak. Kepada isteri dan keluarga semua saya ucapkan ribuajm takziah. Semoga Tuhan meletakkan rohnya bersama yang menerima rahmatnya.

Tuan bertuah dapat menikmati berdanping dengan arwah hingga ke umur begitu lanjut. Saya sering teringat alangkah besar nikmatnya kalau dapat saya menemui bapa mertua yang meninggal pada umur 39 thaun, meninggalkan empat anak dibangku sekolah. Saya tidak menikmati rezeki Tuhan dalam bentuk ini. Sebaliknya saya selalu terfikir kalaulah umur beliau panjang, munkin saya tidak menikmati hidup bersama anak kesayangannya.

Kita terimalah apa yang telah diranchang NYA.

Such is life.

kotastar said...

Ribuan terima kasih diatas sumbangan ikhlas merupakan nasihat dan pandangan dari hati ke hati. Yes I did went through the same predicament when my dad passed away when I was in the SC class. I found the replacement in Hj Md Arshad, knowing him for these many yrs and touched by his benevolence and care.I still wonder how a person without schooling in our normal sense could achieved what he did. Yes we have lots to learn and 'rezeki' kita terserah kepadaNYA.Salam

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Takziah buat Pak Non dan Kak Wan sekeluarga.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Takziah buat Pak Non dan Kak Wan sekeluarga.

akmal mubarak said...

Salam Pak Non,
Salam Takziah atas pemergian Pak Chat. In case you didn't know, our house was the 1st house that Pak Chat built himself. My late father, Tuan Haji Abdullah Mubarak and Pak Chat were the best of friends indeed. I was told that Pak Chat passed away on the same bed where my father menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya. Both of them had contributed a lot to orang Titi Gajah. May we be reunited with them in Jannah. Allahummagfirlahum warhamhum, wa'afihim wagfu'anhum. Salam Takziah to Kak Wan.

Akmal Abdullah Mubarak

kotastar said...

Sdr Akmal,
Terima ksih kerana menjenguk dan jesteru mendapat khabar tenang ke pulangan aruah. Semoga Pak Chat dan Che Gu Lah di ampuni Allah swt dan berada bersama orang-orang yang menerima rahmatNYA. Terima kasih dari Kak Wan. Bila hendak balik kesini? Salam from me to you and family