Saturday, September 1, 2012


IT IS THE 31st of August 2012. A public holiday and a long weekend too. Malaysia celebrates its 55th anniversary with the normal parades and speeches by its leaders especially the prime Minister. Switched on the TV or radio you will be reminded of its historical development. We missed out on the parade or spending good time seeing the TV program this morning. We had other important assignment to complete. Yes we went shopping on this public holiday. But we had to travel 200 + kilometres to and fro to get to the destination and back. We came to know that a certain factory in Kulim would be holding a special sale today and the next two days. I came to know from the visit that the factory had such sale once in six months and this was the day.

Kulim in Kedah has its industrial zone but this is the first time that we ever visited a factory in the area.  Now what do we buy here? Let me answer by showing you the following photographs. 

                                                           On offer at RM7.00 a piece

       Large colorful plate for  RM4.00 each and mug of the same color at RM 4.00 too

          Large dinner plate at RM 7.00 a piece.

 The bulls in the crockery shop ! No it is housewives, shop owners, wedding planners etc who came here to get a real purchase of quality goods. It is a Japanese factory that exports its product  but once in a blue moon open its doors to local purchasers offering not discarded items but quality goods that one failed to see any reject marks if any. At its offered price it is a grab.

Our choice for the day plus others as well. Not to worry as these plates will be part of the items in the kitchen for our opening restaurant. Coming soon

Now back at home we have a look at some of the other items also bought at the counter .Come to think of it, we thought Langkawi offers good items price wise too. Now from the purchases made AND with further discount at the paying counter you would prefer to locate such factory outlets if any. I guess you have to listen to the grape vines from people who know the market.

 Signing off with good wishes to all for the 55th Merdeka anniversary. Maybe a different manner of welcoming our 1957 anniversary. How did you fill the day?

* the bluish effect in the photos is due to the canopy laid over the concourse of the factory where the items were on display.


Al-Manar said...

In 1957? You were among young independent Malaya. I was among foreigners. A nice thought indeed it is.

Wan Sharif said...
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Wan Sharif said...

I might be too busy then.. A sleeping three years young;)

kotastar said...

Sdr Al Manar and Sdr Wan Sharif,

Actually I was in a youth hostel somewhere near the dykes in Holland on 31st August 1957 The date is stamped on my Youth Hostel Card. Throughout August 1957 I was on a motor scooter touring Europe - France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Holland. True as Sdr Al Manr said we were among Malayan ( as Kirkby College) was for Malayan students only. Sdr Al Manar truly made not feel that moment of freedom / independence as the crowd around was too small. We had a celebration after all the students returned from their summer holidays.But of course Sdr Wan Sharif has not missed out all the celebrations in the years after.

Salam to both of you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

MamaTim said...

Selamat Hari Raya Pakcik and goodluck on yr new business venture. Will keep my eyes open on news of the opening of yr restaurant..

kotastar said...

Hi Mama Tim. Hilang kemana lama tak dengar khabar. Apa pun thanks for the good wishes.Will contact you when it is ready .So you can have a change fro nasi Ryale! ha ha

Salam to all in the family

MamaTim said...

hahaa I'd love to try new menu, nasi royale dah selalu tapi tetap dekat di hati :)
I hope tak payah tunggu lama, tak sabar lak :)

I'm currently enjoying my offline lifestyle, this may result in longer than expected blogging absence but I do make regular returns to check Pakcik's interesting posts among a few others'..