Sunday, September 2, 2012


We are already inside the Spice Garden. Seen in the background the main entrance next to the main road.The sea is also just across the road.

 What a surprise ! As you discover this small man made pond near the entrance with plants organized all around.

The normal pandan becomes a signature introduction to spices in the country. The historical linkage of Malaysia's earlier trading components has become a business trait that pulls visitors to this place.

We should be glad to show our country for all its beauty and richness. I believe there are many places that we have never discovered and come across yet especially those that have been developed with all commitment  and artistic intentions in recent years. Unless we are on the moves and traveling and by chance come across such developments only then we are overjoyed and spirited and thankful that human quests, ingenuity plus finance are moved to give the best.

During a working trip to Penang recently we were encouraged to visit the 'Spice Garden' at Teluk Bahang in Penang. We never stopped at this site before even though we have passed by it several times. Maybe the adverts and its laid out along the winding North Coast road did not grabbed you as you drive past. No need to speak much but just look at the photos accompanying and you would I am sure like to include it in your future itinerary.

We dream of a garden. Now why can't we develop one as the developer at the site has done? It always struck me man's ingenuity to give the best and there is no laid back to what you can produce. The site was a contoured abandoned rubber estate with matured trees. Now we have one as well and you I suppose, somewhere in the vicinity of your home. Definitely not a rubber estate but some open spaces. Why can't we produce and do the same?    

Of course this is a commercial project, with RM pumped in and now raking its return from the entrance fees. Still it has to be maintained and updated. For all that we may acquire knowledge and expertise. That's what you really learn when coming close to such projects. 
Having toured the site and seen varied natural spices planted and growing, the visitor has the opportunity to smell them from large jars placed in this outlet. Curry powder of many varieties and dried spices are samples to be seen and tasted.

A small ticket counter at the entrance with pamphlets ready for collection. Materials from vintage shop houses and homes were used to construct the small office and ticket counter. Greenery has added spice to its decoration. 

                                              Pathways using discarded materials

Most intriguing was this giant swing with a platform built high above ground, giving a splendid view to the north and the open sea nearby. Below the pond which we discovered earlier and now with the floating leafy plants extraordinary.I was told the seeds for the plant were bought in Bangkok. Meaning if you have such a pond then you can dream of that floating plant in it. Grand. I guess it a water lily group. Maybe SOMEONE CAN HELP WITH ITS BIOLOGICAL NAME.

Naturally we have beautiful places in our country and thankful to entrepreneurs and developers who have taken upon themselves to preserve the beauty and perfection for posterity.


Aria Montgomery said...

Sooo preeetty... wish I can go there... :)

KotaStar said...

You are welcomed to visit Malaysia and the island of Penang will surely pleased you and also many other parts of the country. Thank you.

Al-Manar said...

I have seen the lovely botanical garden but do not realise the existance of a spice garden. It goes to show much we have read and heard of other places in the world, unaware of what we have here because it is so easy to visit. It is like buying perfume. Some simply ask for the most expensive for a gift.