Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Often it has been seeing other people's  creation and works of art, never stopping to realize that we too can produce and give as much. Maybe we have been planning and doing things for others that we never stop to look at our own productions. Nevertheless in the last few months we have begun to create one of our own and proud that it has started to mature and beginning to stand on its own, giving satisfaction to others as well as ourselves. 

My wife's resources, skills and challenging aspirations has seen a new business venture taking shape and being welcomed by the community and the patrons. Many ventures, industries and business challenges have been taken up by the Malaysian communities; each geared to meet the pursuit of the country's growth and needs. Being close to home and a site fitting for a building or buildings of its own , a restaurant and and vintage home come to occupy a site along the main road and in the mukim of Titi Gajah.  Being now a stone's throw to the Alor Setar airport and other growth centres in the area, it is a venture like any others that hovers on the wings of success with planning, grits and stead-fastness. That we hope and pray for.With its youthful management and esprit we look for a growing future in the business. Meantime it is a service venture that needs constant updating and surveillance since the patrons and customers want the best of both worlds. This is Restoran Citarasa TT Gajah which saw its beginning 8 November 2012.

Welcome. Selamat Datang.


 A garden landscape gives an ambiance to the site

       It's an open concept, refreshing and inviting.     

Six mature Royal Palm trees protrude through the roof top and with orchid plants on their trunks

The two rain-forests in front and by the side of the main road is flood lighted at night.

 Guests at one of the earlier function held at Restoran TT Gajah
with dishes of choice served 

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