Friday, January 25, 2013


Fresh coconut drinks are  great hits especially in hot weather. No surprise therefore coconuts in their shelves are sold in super markets and served to you direct from the freezers. Mind you they are imported from our neighboring countries. At the local levels, coconut kiosks grow like mushrooms during the 'puasa' month tempting people to go for cool coconut drinks. Then only we will see stacks of young coconuts by the roadsides at  kiosks.They were plucked from trees and transported for sale. Daily of course coconuts are bought by housewives, hotels and restaurants clients for the specialized Malaysian cuisines where coconut milk (santan) is a must.

That is a preview to what that comes with the picture attached. It was taken several years back and hardly can we come across such situation now for reasons that are not hard to fathom. 

I am sure many would stop even if driving on the road should they come across such an exposure. Especially if you happened to have a camera at hand. Sadly we may not easily come across such situation. For one there are no persons ready to go into such venture and the animal for such occupation are hardly found now let alone be trained. 
(Anyone who knows about motorcycles would be able to detect the year from the make and brand of the motorcycles used.)  

Tall coconut trees growing in clusters are hard to be felled but the brave ones will do the service of cutting down the tree, pieces by pieces and the whole trunk would come down without 'harming' whatever is around. I had the opportunity to photograph such an 'adventure' or service and marveled at the man's ability, strength and especially bravery. It is therefore recognizable that dwarf coconut trees do take over as replacement. 

By the way when in Bali recently we were told that the by-laws do specify that tall buildings cannot be taller than the coconut trees. Appreciate if this is valid. If this so than it is a plus point for Bali especially. If so they would adhere to taller coconut trees on the island.

By the way, do you still have coconut trees growing in your backyards or foreyards?

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Al-Manar said...

The answer is we live among coconut palms, at least two of them have nuts that we can pick standing on the ground.