Sunday, September 8, 2013


CURRENTLY we are hit by several news flashes that disturbed the daylight out of all Malaysian citizens. The disclosure of not hundreds but thousands of secret society members in the country and their free usage of weapons especially firearms and the rampant shootings and murder recalled us to hay day of Chicago or the good days of the western films of Hollywood. But this is reality in its true sense. Thankfully the action has been fast coming and the rush by those concerned to cross the international border to wipe the symbolic tattoos from their bodies as one escapism for one reason guarantee that the police and related ministries are moving in the right direction. No doubt other measures have to be taken and solving the issues won't be that fast coming because secret societies and gangsterism have long been in the back waters. 

Next  the Malaysian Education Blue Print 2013 - 2025 has also hit the road, bringing in its wake developments and strategies  to be undertaken by all concerned. If the Aziz Report was once a fore-runner then the Blue Print will surely sets the momentum going once it gets on the track. Teaching and teachers get the credence of being an affirmative and distinguished career prospect.

The dusts of PRU 13 has surely cleared and we see actions going either perceptibly or otherwise. At the federal and states  levels sizable projects seems to herald development and growth guaranteeing what the electorates and the people want. Nevertheless the increase of petrol price followed likely by others and now the directions by the government to be thrifty and cautious in all expenditures sets a different picture of what's coming.  

I cannot speak for the states where I am not in and therefore would only give impressions as noticeable in my home state i.e Kedah.

It is refreshing to see approaches taken especially in styles and directions. Having captured Kedah from the previous government, the Menteri Besar of Barisan Nasional seems to move in momentum with new directions bringing hopes and especially development to the state.     

An approach to tell the people of his team that plan to steer the state into progress and new directions is seen by the large bill boards that stand at strategic corners. Have a look at one below.  It surely shows the faces that are committed to do what they have promised. They stand in full view for the people to know them.

 The Exco Team line out for the public to know them

        The department seems to play a more productive role rather than insistence for payment.

Pejabat Pengarah Tanah dan Galian Negeri Kedah also takes a new direction. Formerly implying for payment of the annual land assessment  rate it now participates in promoting tourism in the state with its billboard showing likely places to visit when in Kedah

Next in line would be these old wooden shop houses that will be pulled down to make way for development at the new Malayan Railway Station at Anak Bukit. The double electric tracks for trains from Kuala Lumpur to the north and halting at Padang Besar in Perlis is nearing completion. The new railway station now stands ready to bring about faster communication for the people linking all the towns north south of the peninsular with speed and comfort.

  The row of wooden shop house of the early 1940's await their moments of finality 

The new Malayan Railway Station at Anak Bukit Alor Setar

The new Railway Station at Anak Bukit, seven kilometres north of Alor Setar with its Moorish touch, a fall back to the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and its dual platforms awaits the arrival of the electric trains. 

The new TH Hotel and Convention Centre at Titi Gajah opened last month and will see the departure of Haj pilgrims to Mecca and Madinah on the first direct flight to Saudi Arabia on 9 September 2013 

This is a picture of the new Tabung Haji Hotel and Convention Centre at Titi Gajah. Tomorrow the 9th of September 2013 it will see the departure of the first Jummah group for the Haj taking off from here and the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport direct to Madinah Saudi Arabia.  

It is seeing things developing and growing in front of you that give hopes for the future of the country. Reading from reports one would say that the last one hundred and twenty days since the Election finalized its return have given its due expectations while of course clouded by other set backs and challenges. The path ahead sees many challenges and roadblocks. Hopefully we will see the rainbows as we clear the highways to growth and development.

For the time being suffice for the observation as it is.

Come tomorrow hopefully Restoran Citarasa TT Gajah standing right in front of TH Hotel will see a good flow of customers. 

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Al-Manar said...

I am truly proud to read of the recent developments in your home state. I believe they are real and for the bernefit of those I love to see beeing developed. I cannot say the same for my state where I draw long sighs to see the developments not going to the tight 'targets'.

Of the 'blue print' it sounds all very nice. I see far too many cooks and here too I drew a heavy sigh in one of my postings. It could have been done quietly long ago- just by the old and well- proven Kirkby and Brinsford Lodge
products without the PhD's!

I hope the food business keep floulishing, with branches in the East Coast.