Thursday, October 31, 2013


Next year we hope to be inundated by thousand of visitors as Malaysia opened its doors to the world. The expectation is to receive 28 million visitors for the VMY 2013. What is the show-case? Do we hugged on to the aged old tourism perspectives or attempt to bring about new destinations and programs? Food, Culture, Shopping, Luxury and Medical attractions must surely be in the forefront. Sabah and Sarawak appear to be a new hit for visitors and regular flights and new airlines added to the convenience. 

I was in the election zone of Sungai Limau Kedah a few days ago and the thought of tourism and VMY hit me realizing that we conveniently forget the beauty, grandeur and simplicity around us. There is no expanses to be extended to build up such attractions, its all there placed on the platter for all to see, appreciate and return for more. Yes we often forget God's natural gifts basked right in our views.  I have managed to record on camera the natural scenario of the Kedah Plain, parts that stretched from the foothills of the Kedah Peak northwards.

Notice the small blue spot on the horizon. Its Gunong Keriang almost 25 kilometres away from where I stand at this spot that stretched northwards. The late October and November months bring rain to the padi fields and soon the farmers will be hard at works.

This is Gunong Keriang , a picture taken early in the year when padi has grown and presented a most picturesque view of the area .

Soon the farmers will climb onto their machines and work the fields. Sadly the old trusted buffaloes cannot be seen

A mosque like this dotted the countryside of Sg Limau, declaring that it is prominently a Malay enclave zone.

This a modern Malay House, in the sense that its bigger than usual truly depicting that the owner has progressed in status and thankful for what is around him.

A canal and a road by its side forms part of the landscape in the Sg Limau area. The former offers good transportation while the latter provides irrigation and drainage to the area.


Not depending on the land for padi alone, the farmer has planted rows of sugar cane on his plot of land, Lending a fresh look while of course earning himself good benefits.

Take a drive on the North South Highway between Gurun and Alor Setar you will meet with this beauty, the wide open land extending northwards from the foothills of Gunong Jerai. A drive up the mountain takes you to the resort which offers another magnificent view of the plain and the Kedah coast. The North South Railway double tracks also run alongside the Highway.

Scenes you would appreciate and realize the true beauty of nature, Imagine having an island of palm trees in the padi fields, or seeing miles of young  padi plants growing and changing their hues later. My wife too had the opportunity to touch the nipah fruits which offer you the most delicious 'nira'. after having been fermented.

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