Saturday, February 15, 2014



With the plug pushed into the socket, you would naturally get the electricity and your house is lighted, the TV is on or the air conditioning unit is blasting to cool you. Simple. Much appreciated by families and we would cry foul if otherwise.

Now let's look at ourselves. Do we have connections? Surely and certainly but more often than not we brush that aside assuming a take for granted discourse. 

The inherent connection of gangsters with the underworld is made clear to us with movies or novels that tell the linkages granting that they would find hard to survive without the support of the other. How true that is remained the mysteries of the files in the police or justice department.

But we do need connections - even to get things DONE fast and with success we need help or assistance. Our connections with friends or friends of friend's come handy and expected. Recounting the past, our movements through the decades surely cannot escape the connections that came our way. We owe and salute all the assistance that have come our way. 

Moving on from our previous service or career we would naturally accumulate much connections : especially in terms of friends and office or career colleagues. These are true and sincere connections that give spice, assistance and foremost continuing friendships. However as days go by, that connection begins to wain by nature of displacement, transfer and irregular meetings face to face. How often when we meet again, it takes time to recollect and to remember names.

I find therefore a need to be circulating where and when possible so that the connection continue to hold. It is therefore a grand opportunity when former office staffs meet again in a big way; when students call on their former teachers or when association of members function to keep this spirit of togetherness alive.

Two pictures which bring former members of Universiti Utara Malaysia together with the formation of Persatuan Pesara UUM. It was a golden opportunity to say 'hello' to one another and exchange news. Hopefully the Association will continue to bind that linkage.

 How fortunate we are especially to be able to meet daily at our local Mosque or 'Surau' thus the connection of neighbours or community in the area, kampong or 'taman' is guaranteed. Majlis Khenduri often held in the community helped in a big way i.e if you show yourself there. 

Personally I find it heart warming when my former students call to say 'hello' and further still meet at opportunities that bring us together. When students of 1959 (at their primary class and students of the 1964 ( Secondary School) get together you feel a great sense of 'achievement' in the simple diction that they remember you and remain friends and no more 'guru dan murid'. 

Connections in all its greatness bring light, refreshment, happiness, knowledge and gratefulness in ways that keep you confident, secure and happy in the sense that there is continuity.  


Al-Manar said...

Much as we like to maintain connections we have no way of avoiding being disconnected, more so at our age. So hold on to what ever few/many we have or discover..
Salaam to you

KotaStar said...

Salam Sdr Al Manar,

A very touching advice and thank you. I have often told other friends of one person I have come to know and connected but sadly have not come face to face. Some even wonders.