Friday, March 7, 2014


Just as fast like lightening, the months rolled on and we are already in the third month of the year. The speed or otherwise is measured by our achievements in what we have managed to do or otherwise. Naturally at our passage in time, it would not be fair to claim any records, but suffice to know that we have not been dormant but striving to do what should be done, necessarily for the home, family and community.    

One thing for sure, my intimation with 'Kotastar' seems to register the lowest contribution. Is it then an indication of slowness or inclination towards other matters or issues? Nonetheless the efforts must be strengthened otherwise one sure inhibition will die a natural death and the quest for writing and recording will ceased. More so the chance to contact with others in the cyber space.

Be that as it may be, perhaps a retrospect of the past weeks would help to pacify the reasons for the lack lustre. 

12/02/2014 The long shadow and the dry season that hit the country recently coincides with the harvesting season in Kedah..Sadly at other places the dry and rainless climatic condition scourged some of the padi planting zones in the Kedah. Some places in the country even reported a very cool low temperature with Mt Kinabalu recording a freezing one.

In loving memory of her father my wife has named the old house as Cafe & Dewan Arshad AlBanjari recognizing the family connection with Matapura of Banjarmasin.

08/02/2014 An old house has been renovated and the interior now as seen below allows for meetings and private dinner or lunch to be held here. The restaurant proper is just close by. The picture below shows the interior and a meeting in progress.

24/02/2014 Restaurant Citarasa TT Gajah ready to welcome guests for lunch.  YB Dato Ismail Sabri Yaakob Menteri Pertanian dan Asas Tani and MADA officers came for lunch after their tour of Pendang district hit by the drought.
YB Menteri and group at lunch in the restaurant.

1/3/2014 Pricinct 16 Putrajaya Community members held the Annual Dinner at Dewan Bankuet Marina Putrajaya Presinct 5 Putrajaya. Permintaan untuk ahli menggenakan pakain  'Arabian Night'  mendapat sambutan. Kesempatan berada di Putrajaya kami hadir dimajlis ini.

  Presint 16 Jawatankuasa Persatuan Penduduk 'Super Link Presint 16'

Kanak-kanak menyertai 'musical chair'. Dua orang cucu turut mengambil bahagian .                                       

Wah! Saudara juru acara majlis dengan pakaiannya. Tak hairanlah beliau di pilih sebagai Johan berpakaian ala Arabia.

Sdr M Kassim , seorang lagi ahli dan juga jiran kami di Presinct 16

 Our grandson braved himself to enter "Ketegori keluarga' and won himself a price.

The community at Presinct 16 Putrajaya has always been active and gets strong support from the members. Activities held throughout the year had a good following and the annual function brought the community together.

Crowning what seems a lack lustre month arrived on 03/03/ 2014. This would naturally makes March and the following months dotted with activities, particularly attending to the new arrival. Happily and on record we could say that we have enough members ( grand children) to set up a rugby team if girls can be included. I could be the master coach and with still three reserves standing by. Another grandson comes into the family and delivery was at Hospital Colombia Asia. Wow! Can you expect the South American country to have its hospital here in Selangor? Yet that's what it is called. 

03/03/ 2014 In the morning as we moved to the railway station at Putrajaya, I caught this morning sun as it moved through the branches signaling that haze that over - casted the sky especially in Selangor was clearing. ( As the traffic on the road gets heavier each day the ERL connecting Putrajaya and KL Central serves the commuters and senior citizens get their good share of discounted tickets )  

Never realizing that in the evening a much brighter signal was to come via the telephone. Only a few hours later, he is able to give a smile to the world as the pix shows.


Maybe I am justified that February has been a bad contribution month in relation to my submission to Kotastar.blogspot.


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Al-Manar said...

Salaam sdr lama

If 'Feb has been a bad contribution' what will March be if you do not do something. There are not many 'warga mas' around. Many have stopped for reasons unknown. I look at it as a means of expressing my thought, my joy and regrets and as a means to get to know people I would not have known, like you, sir.

It is gratifying to see that you are as active as ever, moving around. At our age it is a gift to be grateful for. Hope you continue to move around, maintaining active in architectural activities and food business. There is plenty of room for both in my part of the world.

I ddecided to leave this comment only when I saw a glimse of you - althought I came here a couple of times. A few minutes ago I saw your visit. Here I come.