Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I know she must be grateful for the current project that Anak Arshad Architect has been monitoring as the lead consultant for design, construction and completion of a mosque at Bakar Arang Sungai Petani Kedah. As an architect an opportunity to design and see the completion of a mosque is an opportunity that comes not too often. When it does you can be truly thankful to Allah SWT.   Thankful and trusting that it could see the building being used in good time. AAA has designed and completed mosques before and the opportunity and trust given allows for creativity in line with the request and option of the owner or department. However in this case the design and construction of the mosque is sponsored by a single person who naturally bears the complete package of its cost himself. We know there are persons who take upon themselves to contribute for such construction. However meeting one ourselves and working in association with his hopes and commitment is another matter. Thankful that there was that trust and opportunity. Yes not always you get an opportunity to design and build a mosque together with the team of consultants, the contractor and especially the donor. 

A recent visit on site allowed for inspections, feed backs and comments of the project with actions to be taken by the contractor for immediate actions for completion by designated date. Surely the mosque committee and the jumaah want to see a quick completion so that they could use the mosque if possible during Ramadan. The donor rightly must himself be happy to realize that his objective has become true.

Though the pictures may show that the building looks ready for use there are other issues to be solved and completed before it can be commissioned. In the following weeks further inspections will be done to justify that all procedures are adhered  to. Much as many look forward for the new mosque to be opened for public use, the team of consultants too wants to see that the project would be handed over with blessings and satisfaction of the donor and the committee members of the mosque. However several other departments including Jabatan Ugama Islam Kedah have the last words.

Main Hall   (Dewan Utama )

second floor for Muslimah

The new Extension of Masjid Abu Bakar Al Sidqi Bakar Arang Sungai Petani with the old mosque at the right corner


             Dewan Serba Guna ( Open hall on the ground floor)                  


From the Open Hall on the ground floor can be seen the classes for (Tadika dan Kafa), ablution hall and 'dewan Urusan Jenazah'

(Upon completion and official opening of the mosque, a follow up will appear)

Kita sama-sama mendoakan yang terbaik dan mengharapkan masjid mendapat sambutan penuh daripada jumaah sekitar bakar Arang Sungai Petani dan tidak lupa syukur serta bertambah rezeki kepada perdermanya


Lisa said...

Aameen, alhamdulillah, it is an opportunity given by God for an everlasting and hereafter investment. It looks so beautiful KotaStar. Salam format dan salam Ramadhan, selamat berpuasa, selamat bertarawih dan insyaaAllah selamat bertahajjud.

kotastar said...

Ramadan al Karim. Thank you and it's refreshing to hear from someone I think who has visited this post before. Semoga ibadah kita khusus dalam Ramadan ini direstui Allah SWT dan memimpin kita memenuhi segala seruanNYA.

Al-Manar said...

It is spacious as it should be and there is plenty of light. I wonder what sort of figure this building should cost the owner. There is no harm in giving the wondering mind a chance to dream!

Selamat berpuasa dan hari raya Kotastar dan keluarga