Saturday, June 7, 2014


 As the days come closer to a much awaited month, we keep ourselves active in the normal way, meeting friends, visiting them where and when possible and in between  do what is possible to keep the momentum and be motivated. For sure an open house would permit friends and families to call at your place but it would not be possible to have open house all through the year. A solution comes naturally when we started and opened the restaurant. Much as we expected customers to visit and patronized, it hits the jackpot when friends and colleagues  come visiting too. Many of our friends have called and it has been a pleasure to meet them, unexpected mostly.  Neither we ourselves or them expected us to be in this business, though the business is managed by our son and his team. Unexpected it was when Dato Professor Abdul Halim Othman formerly of UKM and his family came for dinner last week.  It was an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to each others family and struck the comradeship of our early youth and school days. Both my wife and I have enjoyed such meetings in the months passed and we are sure to continue meeting friends at our 'open house'.

 Abdul Halim Othman and his family

Gleneagle Hospital in Penang with a view from its 10th floor: a part of the sea frontage of Padang Kota Baru can be seen. The hospital is situated close to the Kelawai area, a busy hub with many high rise buildings around it. Below is a kiosk selling refreshment at the hospital. In the government hospitals canteen and such like kiosks would be away from the public zone.

Just behind the front apartment you see above would be one of the old Malay Kampong along Burma Road in Penang. Development that comes to this zone in the early 1960's has transformed the area into what it is now. I remember the Malays around this area would frequent the only mosque at Kelawai Road. Stopping at the the mosque after leaving the hospital I was surprised to see that the old wooden mosque has been pulled down and a new modern one built at its place. Certainly a far departure from what it was before, For the Asar prayer the jumaah was much to be expected for the constituent's position. Nevertheless I believe Friday prayers would get its full attendance especially as the 'Curry Kepala Ikan' restaurant is just a few yards away.

Having coffee at the Hospital's kiosk

In Penang you should try the 'Pasembor' served with fresh sea concoctions . The stalls at the corner of Kelawai Road and next to Padang Kota Baru have all kind of hawkers' food for your choice.

As the date shows, we seriously thought the days of seeing weddings as portrayed by P. Ramlee in his films have died. Imagine our surprise and pleasure to see a wedding function at Putrajaya graced by such display. The parents must have given the children their best

Wishing all visitors the best of Shaaban and more so in the month of Ramadan


Al-Manar said...

Indeed it will soon be our fasting month again, then Hari Raya. Let us pray and hope we all will have several more of these. All the best to you and family

kotastar said...

Thank you sdr Al Manar for yr wishes and together we pray for the hopes you expressed. Salam