Thursday, July 24, 2008


ANY one who has an automobile ( for a better word than a car) drives and manages it himself, would be astounded to hear that it cost that much to service and upkeep a brand new vehicle specially a V6 Perdana within a FOUR year period. Averaging 30,000 kilometres per year at the most, the vehicle would have clocked 120,000 on the speedometer. Even if it has been driven over 200,000 kilometres it would not have required an engine overhaul. Necessary of course new tires and battery. Unless of course gadgets and extras are added. Then it is not service in the strict sense of it. It certainly open a PANDORA BOX with the ACA breathing in. Sadly what about nationalistic acumen and sense of belonging and commitment. Is our Malaysian car that deplorable, unfit that it requires a Mercedes for exchange? What about the official driver- trained and auto savvy? What about the service centre? What about the spare parts - genuine?

Yes a hordes of reasons to come by rather than blame our automobile. Isn't the pride of the country? The faster this issue is trashed the better it will be. It can blow to proportions in the present context of things. Enough is enough.

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