Sunday, July 6, 2008

Images of Mekkah

We were at Mekkah in mid June and as always there are changes in the Holy City. Only this time, the number of tower cranes in the vicinity of Al Haram seems to mark a large redevelopment and planning for the city. In fact Al Haram itself is not left without renovation works going on inside it for the benefits of the Jemaah. Works at the 'sae' area look like there is to be an extension or enlargement of the zone perhaps allowing for more than two lanes. Areas near the 'Marwah' section including the row of barber shops and the market-place have been cleared and hotel rooms near Al Haram are now hard to find. Mekkah Hilton, Tawhid and the new Zam-Zam Towers may be beyond the provisions of many visitors to the city. Anyhow when the redevelopment of the city is completed in the next five years or so, Mekkah will take a new character. Sadly though, many of the old characters of Mekkah have disappeared when modernization creeps by. Those of us who have photos of the city and its characteristics ten or more years ago would be best advised to keep them in rememberance of old Mekkah. The slides you see, characterised Mekkah as it is now.

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