Monday, July 7, 2008


It is only SEVEN days to an auspicious and historic occasion when the state celebrates fifty years of Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah ibni Al Marhum Sultan Badishah’s position as ruler of the state of Kedah. Born November, 28 , 1927 he was called to take his position as Sultan with the deceased of his father Sultan Badlishah ibni Al Marhum Sultan Abdul Hamid. The youthful Abdul Halim succeeded as the 28th Sultan of the State on July, 13, 1956 and was installed on February 2, 1959 at Balai Besar Alor Star Kedah. He had his early education at Titi Gajah and Alor Merah primary schools before continuing at Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid in Alor Star. He graduated from Wadham College Oxford and upon his return joined the State Administrative Civil Service.

Fifty years as the the Sultan of Kedah and five years as the Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia (1970 -1975) has truly put His Royal Highness as the most experienced ruler in the country. Added to that Tunku Abdul Halim has served as Timbalan Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia and currently is in the same position again for the second time. With Allah’s Will he could be the first Sultan to be appointed the Yang DiPertuan Agong for the second time come 2011.

Tunku Abdul Halim has been a popular and most-respected figure in the State, appearing at most official functions throughout the State, meeting the people with grace and warmth. His ever smiling stature, freely greeting people whom he met endures him with the populace and Kedahan in particular. He is perhaps one of the few Sultan or Head of State in Malaysia that regularly goes to office. He had a modest office at the old Secretariat Building in Alor Star before moving into the present office at Wisma DarulAman. His sleek Rolls Royce and Mercedes with the police motorcycle escort is a regular feature traveling to and fro Anak Bukit Palace daily to his office.

Celebrating a Golden Jubilee for being the Ruler and Sultan of the state of Kedah with its traditions is certainly not a regular event but an exceptional happening that epitomize all the good and gracious characteristics of the person and the land that he looks over and preside.

Much as the State Government and officials have put up a program to celebrate and honor the event, recognizing the patron’s contribution to the State and people throughout a half century of development and progress nothing could put on display the people’s admiration and love for the ruler and his consort who have graced functions at schools, sports event, seminars, institutions of higher learning, mosques, religious institutions and all manner of activities to chalk the diary of days and nights all these years. A lesser person would have taken a less tenacious activities but His Highness Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah marches on in the light of his octogenarian stature.

Seven days to go and yet the count-down for the celebration seems to start only quite recently with typical ALL EARNEST. Obviously the officials have been prompted to plan and execute projects honoring the jubilee celebration years ahead but a check in town today reveals finishing work at the last resort. Must we continue to prepare things at the last moment?

In all its pomp and glory the Jubilee Celebration beginning 15th July 2008 in the State like other ceremonies will be recognized as successful and excellent and the last minute rushes with all its economic and financial constraints swept away to oblivion. All praises sky high for works well done. Quality wise? Cost wise? Satisfaction wise? No we continue to act on similar wavelength time and time again. Can there be a change?
Features for the Jubilee Celebration
(Scenes in town as photographed Monday 7 July 2008 17.51hrs)

Posters and Banners along the main roads honoring Royal Jubilee Celebration

The new gate and walls at istana Anak Bukit

Landscaping and Features at Padang Court or the Golden Square Alor Star

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I just saw His Royal Higness on television officiating the tilawah Al Quran competition. He looks spritely and healthy as ever. May Allah bless him.