Saturday, November 8, 2008


After a brief respite from an exciting weekend, what more welcoming than to write about a hobby that can be lucrative as well as challenging but pain staking. Cast aside the professional photographers, you and I can also qualify to have a move at capturing such momentum and record as long as we are awake to the realities of things. In the case of President Elect Obama, initially not many dare to give him a chance and so the personality that was to become the 'numero uno' may escape attention.The few that hogged him through his campaign period now breathe with sigh of relieve and thankfulness. They have what others throughout history will envy: moments caught for perpetual identity and record.

Indeed a beautiful homecoming scene and being greeted by the loving family. They may have hoped for his success but it it is the wildest dream come true. We have been at the airport many times. Do we ever think of getting a shot as this?

On a hot humid day, nothing like ice cream. Being a careful man he took time to wipe the desk of some spilt-over.

I am sure many of us would have sets of photographs but do not have any inkling of what to do with them. These photos taken through time would set back memories, if presented, arranged and captioned in a most popular way. Lately I have seen web pages and adverts of photo books now in the market which would readily sort out these collection of memories and bring back alive the nostalgia of old times as much as the present. If we have been viewing them, mostly in standard post card or 4R sizes glued or fixed to the old type albums, now they come resplendent in odd sizes and printed on beautiful glossy hard paper with a particular title if need be. Its greatest attraction is of course able to pull in newly weds, presenting them a much desired souvenir. Wedding photographers now have a harvest to reap of course.

It's waiting time till you get your cue. Whom do you expect to greet you? So have a breather and gather all your strength and wits before facing the crowd.

Goodness! It's not a classroom but this huge collection of people. Is the p.a system all in order?. Hopefully it won't rain. Otherwise where do they run to.
Thank you one and all for coming. Sorry I can't shake hands

Right now, President Elect Obama has his pictures in all the media and memorabilia of his days before 7 November 2008 is a hit. I happened to come across a collection of Obama photos and they certainly would be treasured items and more so a recognition of the photographer's prowess and challenge to record history which was in the making. You see them here. It remind us that such transition do occur anywhere and at any time and the person at the moment has the opportunity to be part of that happening. What more if he has a media that can record it. A good camera is exceptional but now even your hand phone can spring surprises. A video and a sound track would certainly add spice.

Excited as well overwhelmed by the vivid and personal photo shots of the President Elect, it struck me that the very collection that each one of us have must certainly be preserved and presented in a more exciting way. More so we must take pain to make the pictures more exciting and naturally able to tell their own stories even without any captions. For all purposes don't fail to go for candid shots. It could become perhaps the best in the country if not for the century.

A shut eye is necessary and no choice for a place

After that delightful rest he is at his best again

Our Malaysian Political Party is on the verge of choosing its candidates for the whole set up. If we struck on any particular candidate, we may be lucky enough to get the best photo stories of the year. Go for it. Do check out on the photo-album too .

p.s compliments to photographers of pix above


simah said...

choose the right leader and the country may have some hope for improvement.. but choose the wrong one... Allah forbid!

Yes.. the pictures speak volumes than word...i hope the people in the country will choose well..

U.Lee said...

Hello KotaStar, Very nice posting. And yes Obama is the change US needs.

To be honest, I was hoping for JM and Sarah Palin to win.
JM has the experience and pity he missed this last opportunaity as age is against him.

I love the pics you have here.
I too love photography, especially portraits, but with making women beautiful thru my lens.

By the way, you ada senang drop by, I just posted something with you inside.
Be seeing you.
ps, you ate at Campbell road? I used too, that last corner store especially.
Have a nice day, Lee.