Saturday, November 15, 2008


More often than not, when we visit places either in the country or outside, we are hit by ideas varying many shades, of course pertaining to our experiences and training. We look at things through many scented eyes.You and I may gaze with the same adoration but the intensity may differ in terms of degrees. One may zoom right to the apex but the other may be at its lowest ebb. More fervently, it is the question of registration. What does it connect you with? Does it arouse you to do something or hopefully put you on high-drive to get the best for yourself too, immediately or in the future?

So it is with masterpieces of art. A few may fathom their intrinsic inherent beauties. Others may be floundering in the abyss of nothingness, declaring 'What do you see in it?' People who make their way to the zoo may not necessarily trot to the museum which stores dead, lifeless antiquities and even mummies. Each has their own preferences. For those that even in the thinness of shades have congruent with one another, it is a blessing. That of all things call for semblance of unity, comradeship, willingness to share each others interest and love.

The pictures following capturing scenes and moments at home, Perth and Kota Kinabalu caught the eyes of the photographer for reasons peculiar to himself. Could it be the beauty of the scenery, ideas for future planning, sweet temptation or people's artistry or craftsmanship with natural objects made him click the shutter? Your guess is good as mine. Truly the pictures that we focused upon reflect in no simple way our inherent interest and simply our character too.

We are thankful that digital photography has made communication a bliss with the ability to record and retrieve at a moment's notice.

I thought I saw the same picture in a friend's blog recently. It turned out his was on the east coast of the country while the above was at a seaside resort in Kota Kinabalu.

The ingenuity of people sometimes beat you. Here the indigenous bamboo is put to good use. It makes you think of one thousand and one ways of using many other things including the discarded items if we want to.

No it is not only for 'angklung' or the 'bamboo cannon' but more so as a decorative feature - a room divider

Once at Perth, I noticed the hedges in the background of this picture. A gathering of dry branches, neatly arranged no doubt with some skill make a spectacular divider at a park outside the city. Imagine the range of natural products we have and yet we do not make use of them.

Of course timber is abundant in Sabah and its luxury stands out in one of the resort on the beautiful beach just outside Kota Kinabalu. Here thick solid woods stand upright in the foyer giving the guests feeling of solidarity and closeness to nature

It's a road layout with cycling and pedestrian roadway too. Safety and cleanliness however become the guiding factor. Why can't we enjoy such simple basic facilities?

Hard standing surfaces alright but the combination of soft landscaping and the utilization of marine equipments in the form of anchors etc make us feel that we are in the heart of a sea-side harbor. A big question come flashing by "Would it escape being carted away with the high cost of iron in the market?

The Railway Station at Perth Australia with a large bouquet of wild flowers in the tub.
It caught me having a good look. Maybe our 'anuk' and other push carts amidst a clean surrounding would be a crowd puller. Simplicity in arrangement seems to pay.

Fish and Crab dishes cooked in the most tantalizing style would make us repeatedly come back to the same place. Certainly not many would attempt to cook such delicacies. A return visit would be about the best approach. Maybe it's a way to tell the Mrs let's get some cooking classes.

A casual walk by the shore may surprise you . This common plant growing wild against the blue sky presented a beautiful picture. Notice the curves of the leaves as they are hit by the wind

A most welcoming feature at the front foyer of a hotel. Notice the giant drift wood and the combination of flowers. If you have the space at home wouldn't you like to have such a decorative item too?

Another 'wood power' . The scene at the entrance of a restaurant and the other the huge carving above the check- in counter of a Malaysian Resort Hotel

I leave you pondering what you have seen recently that set you thinking, ways that would tempt you to make the better of things. Or would you just abandon all feelings and be contented with what is there around you for it is already blissful?

I can only feel flabbergasted alongside you when confronted with a scene like this. Obviously the owner has all the discarded tiles at his disposal to turn into a wonderful comfort room.

A definition of travel quoted as " Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living" by Mariam Beard is a likely proponent to the thoughts above.


Al Khalifah said...

Very nice pics you hv there!I like the idea of using the discarded tiles into a wonderful design....might try it one of these days.

U.Lee said...

Hi KotaStar, wow! I love your lively photographs.
You are National Geographic standard, ha ha.
And love the way you eloquently described of Perth and Sarawak.
Regret Down under is one country I have not set foot...yet.

Hey KotaStar, is that good looking gentleman with the dua charming Boleh tahan tu. If you...saya tentu ada stiff competition where SYT's are concerned, arhaaaa ha ha.

KotaStar, if you ada senang, pop ove, I just posted, last night an old cherita, as I am still resting after selecting 100 plus dresses, ha ha...

All my cheritas are in 25 old diaries I brought here as well note books, and apart from work notes, I had all my ahemmm romantic escapades noted down, alphanumeric codes, so id jatuh to wrong hands, it'll be gibberish to anyone.
It takes about three days to decode one cherita, then as well, I have quite a few new ha ha, members...thought I'll bring back some cheeky experiences.

KotaStar, I need back-up from you re, ha ha, Malay Women's walking or sashay....kindly confirm as to my own personal experiences.
I know you are a man of the world having lived life in the fast lane too, ha ha...
so your esteemed comments will be highly appreciated. Drop by, and have a great weekend, Lee.

KotaStar said...

Hi AlKhalifah, Thanks for dropping again. Hope you have recovered from the cold. It was great to know about yr venture at the school. Many PTA's and school principals would appreciate to have that assistants.It is an excellant contribution and I would be a pround parent to have the media visting the school. Pl continue to assist where possible comensurate with yr 'Al Khalifah'title. Like yr other half mine too is in the business zone. She's a consultant architect. Kalau hendak buat rumah boleh cari kami. Ha Ha.Salam to you and enjoy the cool Nov and Dec months with rain and flood expecting.

Dear Saudara Lee,
Always looking forward to yr story and yr comment.It's heartening to recognize words from a collegue of the same stature and share the good days and nights esp. My, My you must be a careful as well as a thoughtful person having carted all yr treasured belongings to yr new home. I would too not wanting to leave the treasured pieces.Pics at Perth during one of our visit there. No that was not me in the pic. Though the wife is on the left with glasses. Me as in the pic at the railway station.I studied at Canberre for 3 yrs.Know fair bit about the country and the birds.
'Queen of the House' and family are at home. Anak lelakinya masuk jawi.During out time it took a week to recover. Now the next day they are running around already. BTW my email We can communicate more. Keep riding on u stallion. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

U.Lee said...

Hello KotaStar, terima kaseh for your compliments. Noted your kind invitation.
Like my ex-girlfriends will say, "I accept", ha ha.