Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I remember mentioning earlier, that at any time we can be a part of history. Today is one. Though we are miles and hours away from where the historic happening took place, yet we follow with candid interest, caught up with either the Internet or the television the winning moments of the American presidential election. Maybe the long campaigning was not our piece of cake but certainly the euphoria of the national casting of votes in choosing a new President of the United States between two candidates respectively from the Republican and the Democrats must struck some measure of interest. After all it marked the very wishes of Martin Luther King, activist and civil right icon, that a 'black' as opposite to 'white' could seek the highest office in the United States and become the Field Marshall as well as the President. The result as announced today was a stunning blow to the Republican but sweet success to the Democrats and especially its candidate - Barack Hussein Obama. His acceptance speech " If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all thing are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer" was truly in response to the millions who want change. He promises that 'Change is here".

Neither Obama or the United States of America is our friendly neighbor. Yet daily we hear about them and from now on Obama the President will appear more often either in the prints or the electronic media. We shall be following the conclusions hopefully of the skirmishes in Afghanistan, Iraq and other warring nations where Bush and his Republican government had had their hands in earlier. We hope to see the world economic standing propped up again and America play a more constructive role.

One thing for sure, watch out for in the split of an eye, Obama the youthful President elect, son of a Kenyan and schooled in Jakarta when he was a child and later at the University in Honolulu will get transformed image wise . I have always noticed that world leaders will definitely be transformed. After all they need to present themselves publicly at all time. Just like beauty queens they have to be at their best image wise. Their composure and confidence throughout must be at the apex at all time. Imagine the roles of the image builder on the onset of the President being elected.Security wise, the mechanism must be at its full blown throttle too.

We must be grateful that we have been witnesses to all that has happened today. How much we see and remember is left to our discretion. At least I make an effort to record its happening.


Queen Of The House said...
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Queen Of The House said...

Martin Luther King's dream finally came true.

What a vision now, a Black face in the White House. Some people may not want to call it a White House anymore, maybe.