Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The ‘Huaawei’ modem that transmit messages, pictures etc through the Celcom network was ‘kaput’ for a week. Since the eve of the Chinese New Year I had the pleasure of not nearing my laptop or the desktop while of course accumulating ideas for the next story in the ‘blog’ or other files. The CNY break meant the distributors for the small whitish modem and the Celcom agents were also on holiday. You have to wait till today, a week later. By the way, have you ever been on line with Celcom Care line? Believe me it is a big guessing game to press varied numbers on their instructions before you could get hold of the customer service officer. Come to think of it, clicking and deciphering the numbers on iron safe boxes is a lesser of the two evils. Try to call the number and you will be enhanced.

It was rectified today. Faulty ‘sim card’ was the culprit. For all the waiting and anxiety of not being near the favorite tool, you are slapped with RM 5.00 in exchange for a new card.

With that introduction over, what’s this about the cat? No, I did not see a cat crossing my path on the way to the office today. What I did was magnetic enough to pull me along. It meant following the thing through the morning traffic. Luck was with me because I ended catching up with it though it was out of sight for a while.

This is what I saw from the car windscreen. Don’t ask how I manage to snap the picture while driving?

This is it that pulls me to follow the carrier.He is really loaded with look alike saddle-bags strung across his bike front and back . At RM1.00 a stalk he would scoop quite a haul for the day.But it is no easy job.

He was earnest and focused where he was heading. I could guess there were two places he was moving for. But which one! At one point the road would split, because the other one was at another part of the city. He would make for the nearest if he wanted to get the best of it all. I was right spot on.

By the time, I could find a parking space he had disappeared among the market place. First I saw his vehicle minus several bundles of the delicacies he was carting. Where could he disappear to? Glancing around I saw him minus his jacket doing what he had come for. His merchandise was already attracting the crowd. No time to arrange them on table or counter. It was convenient where they stood. He had sold his first bunch of the exotic ‘fruit’. I guess you could call ‘buah petai’ a fruit too, since you can take it raw or cooked in the styles you desire most.

I approached him. Pak Din as he called himself intimidated that he had rushed from Perik near Jitra to reach this weekly market day. His bunches of fresh ‘petai’ would certainly be a hot cake; clamored by Malays, Chinese and Indians alike. Selling for RM1.00 per stalk Pak Din could easily reap a good profit. He was condescending enough to allow me take a photo of him and also whispered his cost.

I had followed Pak Din all the way; intrigued by the load he was carrying and pulled by the exotic ‘buah petai’ which invariably would lull everyone to its gastronomic delight if prepared by the best of our home chefs. Foremost I was fronted with other ‘sweeties’ that helped to make home-cooked food the delight of us all. I am not surprised that many youngsters and big city dwellers too would be playing the guessing game when asked to identify and more still explain how these particular items are eaten or used.

Have a try at identifying the following items. I believed I had a field day today starting with following Pak Din to the ‘pasar minggu’ and discovering once again some of the ingredients that give flavor to our dishes. I am glad the chase after the elusive Pak Din had taken me to Kampong Berjaya Week Day Market.

Now how many of the greens do you recognize and have tasted? Isn't about time you visit the 'Pasar Minggu' and cart some of the items home and surprise the lady at home. Believe me you will be glad to be around the market place and the lady at home will get a shock of her life. By lunch time you the family would have a taste of 'ubi telur masak ikan haruan'. Pak Haji Kasa told me it is really 'best'.

Pak Din has reached his destination. He has arrived at Pasar Kampong Berjaya and without wasting time is already sorting out the pieces and delivering the pieces to his customer. He made RM10.00 for his first sale less than 10 minutes after opening business. His black pouch will be full by lunch time.

Now this is exciting. What concoction is this? What is it called? Dark, long fruity thing. Excuse me for saying it out. Its content tastes good like sweets but oooh! the name. Ever wonder why it is called " Buah K---- Mamak"? Susah hendak cari. Kalau isteri mengidam hang hendak cari dimana?

Pak Hj Kasa was at his own space. He tells me this is 'ubi telor' which he plants at his own plot near Jerlun. He and several friends around him conformed curry cooked with 'ikan darat' and ubi telur would be sooooo delicious. I have to try it out.

Recognize this. The next time your partner requests you to get 'LENGKUAS' for the rendang go for this. It adds flavor to the 'rendang' which you take with 'ketupat' or 'lemang'

'Belimbing, kucai' and ' nangka muda' all add up to the ingredients for a perfect dish at lunch time.

Ever since cigarette came into the business world the 'buah pinang' dropped its value. Yet I can still remember how the beetle nuts provided me pocket money. I would use a long pole to bring down the nuts and sold them at a sandry shop nearby. The cash would pay for comic books and tickets at the cinema hall.

Next it is the ulum that we go for. Can you name them as they are from right to left? Bunga Kantan, Kangkong, a whole bunch of Pucuk Paku Rawan ( my favorite ulum taken with sambal) and other leafy items ingredients for 'Laksa' in the background. Pucuk Paku Rawan grows wild in the padi-fields.


Last but no mean least the inevitable 'Daun Pisang' the perennial wrappers. Imagine 'lepat pisang, nasi lemak, pulut udang' without 'daun pisang' as their 'dakapan' or their precious wrappings. Think of nasi lemak your mother sent along with you when you first enter primary school decades ago! Yes dibungkus dengan daun pisang dan aromanya cukup harum .

Terima kasih.



Pak Non,

Thank you for taking me around the pekan sehari.

Dulu di srengenge all those tak memberi ekonomik value.Tapi sekarang no more.Semua ada harga.That paku rawan di celor dan buat kerabu,aduh menitik lah si air lioq.You like paku rawan,that is why you are healthy.Orang srengenge kata ia ubat mujarab untuk jantung.IJN.

Pucuk jagus,kita panggil janggus,ada orang pang panggil ketere baik untuk usus.

Pucuk sentang,yang rasanya cukup pahit boleh basmi cacing rambu untuk mengelak hamorroids ( eja pun tak betul),apa tu kita panggil berak berdarah......tak boleh nak recall dia punya nama...

Regards,selamat menjamu selera...dah tentu macam2 kak wan masak.


Pak Non,

Perkataan tu....baru ingat....

KotaStar said...

Pak Cha,
Terima kasih kerana membawa ke satu sumber baru. Mengenali khasiat tumbuh2an kita yang mujarab berbagai penyakit.Kita usaha senaraikan agar tidak tercicir. Jeruk maman satu lagi yang saya tak boleh lepas peluang.


Pak Non,

Minda you klas la. Saya dah lupa pasai jeruk maman.Maman yang dah jeruk boleh dimasak sayur santan berlada.Orang negeri 9 tentu bubuh tempoyak.

Masa kita sihat ni kita makan apa yang kita teringin Pak Non.Rezeki Allah beri,cuma jaga takut allergic ke dan sebagainya.

Lagi satu Pak Non, yaitu jambak.Dibungkus dengan daun pisang dan bakar dengan bara api.Bagi layu sikit saja.Buat ulam cicah sambal belacan.Aduhhhh.

Nanti kita syor kat sesapa saja buka kedai makan ala kampong.Kat Alor Staq mesti menjadi.Lepas tu jamu pula ayiaq halia.

Mesti geng pencen pi kerumun.

Celoteh macam ni boleh hilang stress.Kalau dok ikut tempo orang politik,otak jadi pening.

Salam utk Pak Non dan Kak Wan.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non & Pak Cha

Saya sangat suka makan maman jeruk. Kalau ada maman, makan tak ada lauk pun tak kisah. Dahulu emak saya selalu buat. tetapi sekarang susah nak jumpa. Dan lagi pun Mem Besar saya tak pandai buat!!

KotaStar said...

Amboi nampaknya kita dah mula wujudkan gang 'maman jeruk'Macam mana Pak Cha boleh ikhtiar buat majlis makan khas 'jeruk maman'Kita carilagi member yang pantang lihat hidangan ini. Sp kata Azizi hanya peringkat mak-mak kita yang boleh dan pandai sedia jeruk maman. Yang berisi dan bercampur nasi dalamnya itu yang best. Sekarang ini ada juga terdapat di pasar2 minggu tapi tak sehebatnya. Sdr Azizi nanti kita usahakan. All the best to both of you.


Pak Non & sdr.Aziz,

Dulu musim orang berhuma , maman memang jenuh.La ni kat srengenge pun jarang jumpa orang jual.Nanti lepas musim 'winter' ni kita cari.Mungkin ada orang kat ulu ni mula tabor benihnya.

Ya lah Pak Non macam mana depa buat resepi ni.Bubuh nasi dalam jeruk.Ya lah orang dulu lebih clevernya.Orang la ni dok asyik berkelahi tak habeh2.


muteaudio said...

Dulu masa kecil saya selalu ikut Tok saya pi kutip ulam. Selalunya makan dengan nasi tapi kadang2 buat nasi ulam. Macam2 jenis ulam yang ada sampai adakalanya saya tak percaya, "Tok, daun yang ni betui ka boleh makan?"

La ni Tok sakit lutut. Saya cuma setakat petik beluntas, mengkudu, raja dan putat yang ada dekat rumah Tok. Yang lain saya tak berani petik takut kena daun yang tak boleh makan.

Saya pun dah lama tak pi Pekan Ahad kat Anak Bukit.

a.setar said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for this posting. I missed Pasar Kampong Berjaya much. My parents house used to be at Jalan Putra. We used to frequent Pasar Kampong Berjaya almost every day.
Now living in Boston, reading this post bring back those memories. Ahh..I wish I could take a flight home.
Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

KotaStar said...

Dear A. Setar,
Thank for calling n dropping yr comment. Hope I will see you again esp you can view some home scenes when I get the mood.Nampaknya sdr pernah di SMDarulaman. Uncle disana juga as GB tahun 1973 -1981. From 83 -93 I was at UUM as task force member and later Registrar.Good luck in yr qual.

a.setar said...

Dear Sir,
What a coincidence!! It was only for few months, if I not mistaken. After that, in the same year, I moved to Dato' Syed Omar. It was a great xperience though. I was the class representative. Being the 'minority' in the class (only handful of Malays), I had to be tough!! Yelah, you are either have to friend with Indian or join the Chinese 'gang'. Alhamdulillah I survived.
Those are the precious moments of my teenage years.

kenari said...

Salam Pak Non,
Teringat zaman kecik2 kat kampung tokwan. Bila cuti sekolah semua sepupu berkumpul ramai2, mula la merayau dalam kampung. Masa tu suka makan buah cermai, buah namnam, buah keriang, buah mertajam dll lagi. Mandi pun ayaq telaga....sejuk!!!!
Kat kampung tokwan pun ada pokok buah hitam panjang tu, isinya sedap. Nak makan susah gak, kulitnya keras, pokok pun tinggi. Sekarang dah susah nak dapat buah2 kampung. Terima kasih kerana buat posting ni.

Queen Of The House said...

Just to let you know, I can see all the photos fine.