Monday, February 23, 2009


An excuse at the start is in order. For all purposes the metaphor shouldCheck Spelling read: "In the thick of things" but the sheer indulgence over the upright tree trunks amidst the canopy walkway and the log cabin sidestepped me . It has been a style, even a technique to capture attention by playing with words and hoping to grab attentions. Juggling with words to that effect is punning and advertisers especially get their way successfully. Attention grabbers mind you are artists at work.

Still relishing from the teak forest of Mata Ayer Perlis, now we move south in link with another corporate entity namely LGM (Lembaga Getah Malaysia) and continue to be 'involved in the center of things' consulting wise. South is of course not at the tip of the peninsular but just southwards of the capital city of Kedah and in the district of Sik. Here LGM or the Malaysian Rubber Board with its headquarters on Jalan Ampang, right in front of the twin towers of Petronas, has chosen to build homes and other facilities for its staff. The huge size of its acreage at Begia near Jeniang, a stylish calling I would agree, once covered by rubber plantation is now fully replaced by oil-palm. The project on site is a tiny drop in the ocean but in lean time of adversity any in the pipeline is God-sent.

Here is a golden opportunity to be at close proximity with the oil palm industry and learn what's happening and plugged the loose gaps of knowledge. Come to think of it I would guess not many of us would score a high average if asked questions relating to the palm tree and its product that garnered one of Malaysia's high revenue. For many, it would only be the distance between the moving vehicles and the plantation by the side of the highway.

A scene that would make Bollywood dancers jumped with grace and delight prompted by tantalizing music. Shahruk Khan recently made a 'Dato' would be wise to capture the scene as it would also replicate the date palms of the Arabian peninsular. I ploughed into such abyss many years ago somewhere near Temerloh Pahang looking for wild fowls which reported aplenty. My .22 carbine rattled out its content but alas no chicken for the frying pan. Don't know whether this area keeps the same secret.

The terrain has been levelled making way for beginning works of housing for staff of LGM at this estate. They would eventually enjoy the pristine calmness and greenery surrounding their homes.

Discovering on the first day, tons of oil palm fruits just harvested being lowered into a chute for processing. Fruits of 'Elaeis guineensis' indigenous to West Africa were first brought to South East Asia and planted at Bogor Indonesia in 1848. Malaysia saw its association through a Frenchman Henri Fauconnier in 1911 when seedlings were planted at Rantau Panjang Estate in Selangor.

Bunches of the oil palm fruits waiting to be collected. Oil palm is a widely produced edible oil next to soya bean oil. Malaysia produced more than 50% of the world's supply. Thanks to the oil palm plantation, our countryside continues to have forested attributes. Not forgetting the rubber estates as well.

The contractor awarded the project has started building the site office and moved machinery to the project site. It will of course meant regular site visits and the often familiar battling for supervision, speed and quality,

A casual reference to the website gives " The Oil Palm Industry in Malaysia From Seeds to Frying Pan" by Teoh Cheng Hai re An introductory reading into the industry if we care to start closing some of the vacuum spaces.

Lembaga Getah Malaysia ( Malaysian Rubber Board) has become the custodian of the rubber industry in Malaysia. Established 1/1/1998 it has three main agencies - RRIM,MRRDB,MRELB having a track record of over 78 years in the industry. LGM sits on Jalan Ampang, opposite the Petronas Twin Tower, establishing its earlier player in the industry even before Merdeka.

You are spot right to wonder what the heck is LGM doing with oil palm. LGM has properties and LGMPC i.e its properties corporations handles that aspect of things. What ever it is, I am thankful that the new exposure will be a gainful asset as surely we will gain more knowledge and experience just being in a new spot.


Desert Rose said...


My dad is Hj Sudin, a 'cikgu pencen' ha ha. He retired as a School Principal of Sek Men Taman Ria Jaya. Rumah kat belakang TESCO Sg Petani, a housing estate named Taman Desa Jaya.

I marriead a guy from Telok Pulai, Baling. And my in laws bersepah kot Pekan Baling tu. Banyak yg berniaga,but I ni blurr tak tau mana satu Pak Long, Pak Tam sume.

Gud to know u....take care

KotaStar said...

Desert Rose,
Small world bcause I was in Education too. In Baling back 1969 Mei 13, Pengetua SMBaling yg diatas bukit tu.Kenal juga orang Baling cause many my ex students. Now back at Baling as consultant to SMBongor under construction. Orang rumah jadi arkitek. Kami terima pencen; syukur kerana baru-baru ada kenaikan lagi tapi masih terus berusaha. Salam to yr dad and man in the house. Thanks Desert Rose.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Attention-grabbing headlines is the trick of the trade for writers. Carry on writing. BTW, how's the Kirkby book coming along?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kota Star, I learned about Oil Palm estates the scary way, at 125 MPH...when my car had a brief affair with a pirate taxi, and I took an unexpected excursion into the estate.

Good education posting this, Kotastar.
You keep well and have a pleasant day, Lee.