Sunday, February 15, 2009


Come along and see what's developing. It has been quite hectic the last few days. Travelling to and fro Alor Star Putrajaya and upon reaching home just a short breather before we headed for north of the border to catch up with appointment at Mata Ayer scheduled at 8.30 pm. Do people work at such an hour? At least for the night as it was 'testing and commissioning' as the term goes continuing the next morning. Well take it as an exercise of good movement.

As you drive in, this is the scene that greets you. Tall teak trees in their natural surrounding cared by the foresters and staff of FRIM Station at this northern corner of Perlis close to the Malaysia-Thai border. The tall frames for the Canopy Walk have been erected and await the bridges to be placed. You would then be walking high above the foliage

Nestled in an open corner of the forested area, a camping site has been created complete with facilities for an all-purpose and prayer hall, toilets and food preparation area. Mature teak trees on site compliment the camping area while lighting provides safety for the campers at night too.

The all purpose hall now seen at night

The food preparation area and the toilet facilities as they appear in the night
Both will cater for the needs of the campers who will have the opportunity to learn more about teak as a timber and why we see them growing on both sides of the North South Highway. Wait for another fifteen years and they would know how pricey they would be. Not surprisingly, illegal loggers may be at their service along the highway.

The client requested for a log cabin. Naturally teak as available in the area was a natural choice for the wall cladding's.

As it is in the day time. Position it on a hill overlooking a vast expanse of open space or the sea such a building would be a delightful rest-house. Now we think it should be located at a hillock in Langkawi.


IT has indeed been a pleasant beginning New Year when what we have articulated, put to paper, planned and organized on behalf of our client came through with a satisfactory result. Last Friday it was a testing and commissioning of parts of the project that has been completed. Leaving of course another sector i.e the tree top or canopy walkway our next attention. You can get a brief sneak view however what has developed so far for this sector.

Our client for the project is FRIM ( Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) and the project is located at a teak forest zone in Perlis close to the border town of Padang Besar. With funding from the Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri Perlis it is set to become a pull sector placing this corner of Perlis a must visit spot coupled by the nearby border towns of Padang Besar and Wang Kelian. The verdant teak forest very agreeable to the climate of the Malaysia-Thai border must be a proud possession of the Research Institute and the new additions of a camp-site with good facilities, a log cabin, a hall and especially a sky walkway or canopy walk above the tree - top would only make this place a must visit. Then again where else would you be able to walk through full-grown teak trees some over twenty years in age. No, not necessary to cross the border and travel to the northern part of Thailand as far as Chengmai to experience such vegetation. It is here in our home.

Sharing some comfort and satisfaction and with wooden rafters to look up to.

The project read as 'Cadangan Peningkatan Kemudahan Pelancongan Pusat Rekreasi dan Penyelidikan Alam Flora Kebun Jati SPL FRIM, Mata Ayer Perlis untuk FRIM Kepong Selangor D. Ehsan' gives the two government agencies a good working relationship benefiting tourism and the people especially.

Good coordination between client, consultants and the contractor realised the project completion as per target date though there were hiccups earlier when petrol and building items prices saw a big hike.

The campsite at night with a stalking shadow by the side and four dancing lights in the field. Don't ask me how they come about. Yet it's a beauty.

A good sign of growth. The lamp post shows the shoots sprouting out while as much serving its purpose.


RusniNYC said...

Interesting FRIM project there, up north..finally. When will it be ready for visitors? I like the log cabin. Hope it will be well maintained! Pak Non,you remember me..right? It was a pleasure meeting you and Wan.

KotaStar said...

Big Apple Lady, Thanks for dropping by we do hope you are having a fine time reliving some of the good old days while experiencing the new Malaysia with its characteristics. Warm regards from us.

muteaudio said...

I'm quite interested with the log cabin. Quite rare in M'sia. Would like to build one in the future. How should someone take care a log cabin? Do you need special treatment? Can it withstand our tropical weather?

KotaStar said...

Ada tanah, ada wang semua boleh jadi. Actually the logs are placed at the walls with sides of concrete too. No worry over the normal issues except of course the wood you use for the claddings. Now since we use hard wood and in this case teak we can be assured of the time frame. Our timber if treated will assure quality and longevity. You are invited to discuss if ready to plan one.

RusniNYC said... account dup acct.