Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Like me you too would have a kin or a friend by the name of 'Satar'. Mine happened to be a first cousin who lives in the same town but I guess he must be wandering all over the place since I have not met him for quite a while. Now with our sons and daughters earning their keeps away from the home town, parents too have the golden opportunity to visit places. I know he has a son working in Kota Kinabalu and I am not surprised that he is there most time.

Continuing on our recent visit to the East Coast, we were surprised to meet 'Satar' at most places in Trengganu. Now this is no 'Pak Satar' but a name given to one of Trengganu's delicacies. Being on the fringe of the coastlines, people are not far from the sea and therefore fish is abundant and ingenuity comes to mind to prepare all manner of dishes. On the road heading towards Kuala Trengganu passing idyllic Malay kampong and alluring named resorts, we came across this banner which prompted us to stop. We had to take a U turn to get back to the stall.

The above picture shows 'satar' as it is cooked and prepared for purchase. It is a fish dish cooked wrapped in a banana leaf over a low fire barbecue. Fish meat preferably from 'ikan tenggiri','kerisi', 'gelama','selar' with 'kelapa parut' onions etc is wrapped coned shaped and sandwiched between bamboo sticks before cooked over the charcoal fire. We had a taste of it but prefer the 'keropok lekor' and the dark red sauce that comes with it awaiting at Losong in Kuala Trengganu. The 'keropok lekor' is about the best you can find there though you will find 'keropok' sold all over the place.

Our brush with 'satar' though brief signified the earnest desire of the people to earn a living. The lady that attended to us while preparing and serving 'satar' also managed the next door shop selling crafts. Handicrafts especially of bamboo and 'mengkuang' made by the neighbors are left at her shop and you have a good choice to buy not-often available items at a very good price.For sure you will be surprised when compared to offers at tourist complex or up markets. More ever the items are not mere displays but of utilities value.



salam Pak Non,

The 2 pictures below really menggamit citarasa ku.


aofuad said...

Pak Non,
Your cousin Abdul Satar Ismail, or my uncle, Pak Tan is in Alor Setar.
He will be celebrating his 70th birthday on the 22nd April.
HP no is 0124539702.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

I love satar. I never miss to stop by at Kuala Kemaman to visit the gerai there. favourite spot is a stall called "Aziz Satar"