Sunday, November 28, 2010


IN THE TIME AND SPACE GIVEN I saw two interesting news in the local papers and pertaining to activites here. Unable to transfer directly to the page I suppose the next best thing is to give the web site and maybe you would be able to read them after all. "QUICK BUCK" or "FAST BUCK" seems to be the choice of the topics. Naturally with three million people gathered at one place for a period of time there are opportunities. The hard working, the initiative, the planners all can benefit. At Makkah Muslims from all walks of life can be trustful, forgiving and CHERITABLE. There is no let to their sacrifice and desire to assist and offer services esp alms. But the Zam Zam mafia if so needs fast action.  Please refer:

oop sorry that the news re zam zam waters was way back. However there is a latest report. There is a need to be cautious.

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kota Star, how you doin'?
Ha ha, love this posting re 'fast buck'.
I guess there will always be opportunists around....
though some with dishonest intentions.
You have a pleasant weekend, keep well and watch the speed limit, Lee.