Monday, November 22, 2010


1. NOW THAT THE RITES AND OBLIGATIONS have been performed, all can sit back to prepare for the next programs or actions.Nevertheless  none would miss the daily prayer at Al Haram while he or she is here. Several Malaysian groups have already departed for home, everyone wishing that his has been 'Haj Mabrur'. For those that are still here and given the time and space they will have the opportunity to perform 'umrah' as many time as possible. Others may be getting ready to travel to Madinah to visit  and pray at 'Masjid Nabi' while appreciating the grandeur of a most beautiful mosque and the finer character of the people of the city. Hopefully too the winter weather most have been expecting could be realised come December when the jemaah are there. 

2. Truly all the obligations that the jemaah have been through are exacting to time. Islam truly perfected timing for all its followers. No qualm about the five prayer times. Then again even the Haj calender and all its rites have to be followed, programming all services to perfection less three million people or more at one center in a city may be left in a chaotic mood. Imagine the departures of hundreds of flights either from Jeddah or Madinah with all the check-in, inspection and baggage clearance.Syukur Allah  is great the climax of the Haj moved on smoothly.

3. Following are several photographs of Mekkah and the sites of Arafah,Mudzalifah and Mina; places that jemaah have been attached with. Except for Mekkah, these places have returned to their former selves, empty except for the brigade of cleaners and their machineries to clean the area. Once done they await their visitors for the next Haj season.

4. Now at Al Haram too the Kaabah has taken a new shrouds of black with golden embroidery stiches of Koranic verses only to be replaced the next coming 'wukuf'. I am made to understand that the black cloth cover measures 14 metres by 74 metres ,hand made and has taken eight months for the craftsmen to get it done.

5. No signal or directive to the functions and exacting of time for the people of Mekkah especially and the Muslim world at large can be more definitive than when we observe the new clock tower looming above all the high buildings near Al Haram excepting the old houses on the surrounding hills. Its green face with a large circular frame can be seen miles away. No chime or sounding of the time though.Yet it's a guidance.

6. Several surah in the Koran will attest to such wantings for us to adhere to time.

'And it is He Who made the Night and Day to follow each other: for such as desire to be mindful or to show their gratitude"    Al Furqan: 62

A new section at AlHaram built above the saie sector. Its intricate design yet again compliments the grand mosque.

A street scene away from Al Haram, yet the clock tower is visible from afar.The 'Masjid Kuching' as most Malaysian know is seen in the foreground.

There are several historical sites around Mekkah and JABAL NUR  being one.

Walking in the grounds of 'Ma'la' at Mekkah I took this photo with new buildings in the background of hotels and apartments with the grave stones in the foreground. A branch of a tree in the Ma'la area lent shade.

  At night the imposing clockface with its green background can be seen miles away 
'Wukuf' at Arafah in the tents will forever bring back unforgotten memories and no less internal and personal feelings as you pray for forgiveness. While many seek the comfort of the tents on the plain others risked themselves on the high ledges of the surrounding hills"
Only a moon and a single star of the constelation shine on us that night over the Mudzalifah plain as we 'mabit' while waiting for transportation to Mina. At other times they would guiding lights for travellers.

A small corner at Mudzalifah that took the jemaah from South East Asia epecially. All singly robed in white.

Modern construction at the 'jambrat' with flyovers, lifts and bridges have eased the flow of pilgrims to the area. It is a far cry from what that existed fifteen  years ago. With rail service on the way by the next Haj season it will be a greater help.  

Six photographs taken at Mina, with scene of the tent housing, walking to the Jambrat and along the tunnels, the jambrat as designed to take in the throngs of people and men in action stoning the 'devils'. Not forgetting a group doing morning exercise.

This scene from the very top floor, part of the new construction of Al Haram shows the various floors with the Kaabah below with a large crowd of jemaah circumnavigate it or performing the 'tawaf'


Al-Manar said...

Semoga haji mabrur dan selamat pulang kekampong.

Padang Peri said...

Seems that you as usual exploring all the places. From the pictures we know that mama and you in top condition performing the Hajj, Alhamdulillah.