Wednesday, November 10, 2010


IT JUST HAPPENED THAT THIS IS A TEST PHOTO, in an attempt to load a picture in the blog. Not that he is a young soldier but this grandson of mine seemed to be carrying my old  gun. Many senior persons in the country had permits to purchase shotguns or rifles in earlier time for reasons to protect their properties or plots of lands against destructive animals. Try going to a police station in May /June each year you will find this brigade of senior persons with their prized possessions lining to renew the gun permits. With strict control, it has become difficult or indeed impossible to transfer permits to our younger generation. Very soon most of the old guns would be absorbed back by the police force who in the first place issued those permits.

It is interesting to compile a story or account of the seniors who held these prized and treasured items and their adventures of times a half century or more ago when hunting was a possible pastime.The makes of the guns themselves would disclosed where we imported them from and perhaps tell the history of the world's gun makers.


cikMilah said...

Salam PakNon, bila tok ayah meninggal, senapang jadi pusaka yg digeruni!Senapang pusaka berkhidmat kembali masa bah baru ni untuk menembak ular besar yang berlingkar di pokok dan di alang rumah.

KotaStar said...


Tak sangka catitan tadi membawa kisah terkini. Kalaulah ada gambar lebih lebih lagi binatang buas itu serta shotgun ( I presume) alangkah best.