Friday, November 4, 2011


   View from the Sg Tiang camp site
There are boats for rental as well as a boathouse too that can accommodate 20 pax. It comes with sleeping and cooking facilities.

'BELUM' as a Malay word evokes negativeness i.e referring to as 'belum makan', 'belum pergi' or 'belum berjaya' indicating not having food, not gone yet and not successful too. It's a preface to such  verbs. However 'BELUM' in its reality and solid identity now refers to a large area in Perak Malaysia gazetted and preserved as national park. It takes the calling as "Royal Belum"   

Where? It is half way on the east - west highway. You discover it as you reached Pulau Banding, an island that is joined by two bridges that stretched across the lakes. I cannot say that I have NOT gone to 'Belum" as from today because we had the good fortune to enter into its realm on Thursday 3 November 2011.

Royal Belum with its 117,500 hectares, three times the size of Singapore Island  was given the royal status on 31 July 2003 is rich in biodiversity. It is known that 3 out of 20 known species of Rafflesia flower are found here. All the 10 species of horn bills in Malaysia reside here and there are 60 salt lick locations where animals come to lick to get their mineral substances. It is thus a priority site for eco- tourism.

I would like to share with you some of the pictures we managed to click as we moved in the boat on the lakes and walked in the jungle tracks. We hear fishing and staying on the boat-house overnight (with rental subscriptions of course) is an added experience. Just imagine having fish freshly caught for dinner in the quiet of the evening.Time to digest the majesty of Allah's gift and creations too.

 In the background, the bridge that crossed the lake.

   Several guard posts and halting stations in Belum Valley.

                As we near the Sg. Papan Camp Site

                                        Could be seen a hanging bridge in the background

        Thick virgin forest away from loggers and their machines

      An outstretched tree lent a unique feature to the guard post

                  An observation tower for you to see the animals as they come to the salt lick

          This is one salt lick, favored by the animals and close to the above observation post

This is Sg Tiang camp site. Unfortunately we were unable to scout farther  in as the water level was low and therefore unable to see the waterfall and the other aspects of the campsite. From above you would get a majestic view of the lake and surroundings. 

No it is not a casual visit but an opportunity to submit a proposal for the development of the area as an eco tourism hub and also for the upgrading of the existing sites. InsyaAllah we may have the opportunity to see the Royal Belum at a closer and more interesting facade.

                       Pulau Banding lies across the lake. It's serene and peaceful in the morning.

The highway route from Grik to Jeli crossed the lake via this bridge into Pulau Banding. It exits via another bridge  three kilometers away. Pulau Banding is one of many islands formed as a result of flooding the valleys that now formed Royal Belum Park.


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pristine Royal Belum. but I heard that it is being opened up way too fast and too much? There goes another nature sanctuary.

kotastar said...

Sdr Azizi,

Not from what we saw. But I would agree with you since there is a 'big' body now empowered to see to its development with strong funding, NCIA is in business besides the govt ....

aofuad said...

Pak Non,
During my jungle bashing days, i was criss crossing that area along the East West Highway. I was based at Banding Camp a few times and up in the post along the highway many times.I was there before the lake was formed and havewalked along the small upstream Perak River then. The Temenggor Dam was being built then. That was in early 1975. Would love to visit Belum again.