Monday, November 7, 2011


The place is called PADANG HANG. It is a village outside Alor Setar. Interestingly it meant " Your Field" or 'Your own piece of property'. In Kedah's dialect it would sound 'rough', 'crude' or 'wild' but at the same time 'passionate' and 'intimate'.

'Hang Nama Apa?' would be a request to know one's name but not heard in good circles. As it would sound abrupt and unpolished if compared to the more often familiar approach    " Apa nama saudara? atau 'Siapakah Encik, Nama apa?" 

Let's not digress but stick to the actual story. I meant revisited because we were here several decades ago. Many changes have taken place. But many years ago it would have taken us half a day to reach the village. No roads to take you there. It would mean a good walk along the footpaths of the padi-fields, crossing rivers and drains and sweating out in the noonday sun. Now with all the infrastructures in place: tarred roads leading right to the front door, bridges across rivers and canals, electricity to light the homes and water supply connected as against well water or kerosene lamps then,you would reach the place in quick time and marveled by the expansion.
Thankfully there are old charms that still remained and to be enjoyed. The tranquility and simplicity of 'Padang Hang' hopefully is seen in the photos. Being AidilAdha and a public holiday we made the familiar 'kunjungan ke rumah keluarga' calling on old family friends and their families. Expected there would be other family friends there. No doubt about it. The group photograph spurred by the charming background and the old  'jelapang padi' ( old padi storage hut) and the families in their colorful dress on the non manicured lawn come as an added bonus to an unexpected return visit. More than sixty persons happened to be at the home in Padang Hang a great opportunity meet and get connected again. 

Earlier we had the delights of 'daging rebus cicah ayer assam' and bowls of 'sup tulang' or 'gearbox' sometimes referred too. The fresh beef and all delicious inner parts come from the 'Qurban' that comes with Aidiladha. 

I am thinking of getting the cycling group to tour the country side while the charms are still visible.

        Green all the way. Young padi plants in the 'sawah'

     Gunung Keriang ( elephant hill ) in the background with the 'Padi Museum' nearby.
         Our daughter and grand children on the country road and children in the background.

           Di sana tu pokok 'beras'. She gets to see the padi field.

What a natural view with the old 'jelapang' and the clumps of nipah palms in the background

The nipah palms: once it provided provisions for the home: roof as shelter and of course pure sweet juices as drink,
our supply of sugar and the fruits too are edible.

I am hoping the owner will want to demolish the hut and hence I can get it moved and restored in a new home. Mind you the 'jelapang padi' store for padi is hardly found now.Will inform if successful. Otherwise it will go with the wind.

 Old staircases lent magic to your pictures. Maybe it brought back old memories when 'appointments' saw you there at one time. 

satu kenangan di AidilAdha 1432


Al-Manar said...

That group photograph, with its very unique background, it truly beautiful. Have you forgotten something about the very important use of pokok nipah? I used to help ejders making 'rokok daun' from the young shoots. I even smoked them, without tembakau inside.

kotastar said...

Sdr Al Manar

Thank you for visiting and esp to give yr praise re the pix. Actually I saw the scene at the back of the house and got several pieces of tikar mengkuang to be placed on the ground and several chairs added. It took a while to get the members to assemble. Once they did click , and so the pix, terima kasih mengingatan daun nipah sebagai rokok daun. Pl plan to come over to kedah and we can visit Padang Hang - meaning already yours. salam and our congratulation to yr daughters and sons that their parents honour them in an absolutely unique way. Re the car no.

Wan Sharif said...

We still enjoy nira nipah during ramadhan but it is getting more difficult to find now.. kedah used to be a place to go home for me some 20 - 30 years ago.. Sure nice to see the familiar cooling sawah padi scenery

kotastar said...

Sdr Wan,

happy drilling and I am sure yr 'korban' session ended with great success. Yes it was good to see the green though the place is not far from our home. Still you will never find it if you don't move. Glad to know you were here decades ago and coming home too. Would be glad to see you back here. We are very close to the airport at Titi Gajah and do halt here when you are back in Kedah.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

I wait for the "kayuhan sawah padi".

oceangirl said...

That area was almost my playground when I was little. My grandfather would take me to Gunung Keriang area to visit relatives and to buy kambing whenever there was a kenduri. And when my parents worked in Kangar and we lived there, every weekend we would pass Gunung Keriang to go home to my grandparents. It is indeed a beautiful area and your pictures brought home so many wonderful memories. Thank you.