Monday, November 28, 2011

The First Day of the Year 1433

1 Muharram 1433 / 27 November 2011

I am no diary man. Though there are plenty now in the market for the coming 2012, meaning the diary of course. But I would admit if you had kept a diary, dotted down what went through each day of the year you would no doubt be awake to your past. I know a friend in Kuala Trengganu who can vouch for this reality. He has gracious moments to look back and remember intimately his actions in the past.

   Freshness as the new year, the break in the clump of trees seems to usher you into a new horizon. After clearing the branches and leaves that fell on the path, it would look more inviting.

    Oh! to see the old home, as old as the writer himself standing exacting promises that  many more years will come by for the occupants of the home, if they so care and cherish it. As a friend asks how many Awal Muharram for us? How contributing can we be?  

Perhaps this is a good moment to pen down what transpired on this day Sunday as it is a public holiday and many in the country would have a three day stretch break. If last night I was at Zahir Mosque in Alor Setar, way out from our home in Titi Gajah but the state mosque has been part of my life as we used to have a home only 200 metres from the mosque and that's where I grew up. So the attraction and the pull will be there. Not surprisingly I was there again tonight. But early in the morning it was a short drive to a kampong nearby to see to the clearance of bushes, bamboo grooves etc at the old home that once appeared in this blog. It has been raining, on and off and thankfully the flood warning remained a caution only as the deluge of heavy  rain and water from the dam upstream never come about. Yet the wet weather caused the greenery around the home to sprout fast and clearance become necessary. It was a fine morning, lush with the greens and coolness as you could observe from the pictures and necessarily a healthy exercise swaying the 'parang' for an hour or two. Of course leaving the tougher task to the men given the task to do it.

 The Zahir Mosque , a view from the back and from the car -park where once stood the homes of many 'Syed' families. Kedah had a gathering of  'syed's and the earlier families built homes close to the mosque.
This is perhaps one story that has not be written or told about.

A larger congregation than last night since Tuanku Sultan and the Menteri Besar attended the Maghrib and Isyak Prayer while also the Surah Yassin were read in conjunction with the Sultan's actual birthday.
In conjunction with 'hijrah' we may take a cue from the acceptance of Tuanku Sultan Kedah to hold office as the Yang DiPertuan Agong at his age. For sure it will not be a cosy office as there will many official functions. There was a talk that once Tuanku Sultan Kedah advised the Raja of Perlis to accept the appointment of the Yang DiPertuan Agong as he was reluctant as only recently he  was installed as the Raja of Perlis.. His advice was that it is 'duty ' bound. So when it comes to his turn the same advice was heard again. "Tuanku ini adalah satu kewajipan untuk Negara" Cannot vouch for its truth but it reflects the high esteem given by the Raja to hold office. Are we consenting to accept offers that require our attentions and contributions  especially in the community? 

 Tuanku Sultan Kedah, Menteri Besar Kedah and jemaah reading surah Yassin led by the Imam of Masjid Zahir

This being a notation of things that happened on 1 Muharram 1433.


Al-Manar said...

An interesting new year write up. With memory like an elephant you do not need to write diaries. Leave that to those with scatter brain.

That scene through the bamboo clearing is typical Malay kampong. One day one may not find that scene any more. Keep all these (in blog form - not diary) for your loved ones.

Salaam to you and family.

kotastar said...

Saudara Al Manar

Thanks for yr prompt reaction. I always look forward to your feedback since it does click somehow.I owe you a reply for the earlier comment but let's reserve it for other occasion.Hoping all's well. Frankly this blogging allows a close association with friends in a special way. Frankly I appreciate yr ability to look back esp with yr dear diaries.

Salam to you and family