Friday, June 22, 2012


EVER wonder why we never celebrate 'Glorious Grand Parent's Day? Yet we hear of Happy Mother's Day or Wonderful Father's Day? Why do we stop at that level? Yes there are multiple celebrations of all shades but alas none reserved for the grand dad or mum. No doubt as sons or daughters and now as fathers and mothers we would recall our 'ayah' and 'ibu' but why halt the grand sons and daughters from appreciating and honouring them? Among us ( I mean you and I who have passed the half century or coming to the platinum decade) we would be lucky to know or have met our grand mum and dad. We are the grand dad and mum now. Without doubt we would have a strong following by now. Some certainly would have more than enough to form a rugby team at least if they allow a mixed number of players. Not surprisingly some would be available to provide even an opposition team.

A friend in the east coast recently related a good account of his grand dad. Amongst the richness and highlights of his life we saw a picture of the old home. That would be a lasting reminder as it stood the test of time. Now what else could we salvaged to keep our memory of them? Photos? Documents? Heirlooms? All would have been lost or ravaged by inclement weather and the disaster of the Second World War when fear or timidity forced much to be demolished.

I consider myself lucky to have known my grand mother on the paternal side because she lived until I reached my teen years. Alas no reminder or memory of my grand parents on the maternal side. Providence works in mysterious ways and nothing could be more blissful than to be able to see their images in a photograph that survived.  More so to see the image of my mother when she was a very young girl. I am sharing the photograph below with hopes that we should try to keep intact our memories of them in whatever ways. 

This discourse to liken grand children to appreciate and love their grand mothers and grand fathers in more ways than one i.e other than meeting them during first of Shawal must be put into practice. Much so living grand parents must likewise embrace them in stronger terms, loving and living with them, sharing their lives to the full. Thankfully Malaysian life expectancy has extended with healthy living. We are given the opportunity to know our heritage and what better ways than to come together and be delighted by the presence of grand parents, parents, sons and daughters plus the  grand children .Certainly the life stories of the patriarchs must be made known less we continue to miss the links that has been on the trails for a long time. No we must let the children appreciate their grand parents in no uncertain terms leaving therefore a time line of successful men and women of the family.

Much to be derived from such a picture. Terima kasih tidak terhingga kepada jurugambar yang mengambil foto ini. Pada jangkaan dirakamkan pada 1916 - 1918. My mother and her parents in their 'Sunday best' as you would likely expressed. 

written while at Renaissance in Kota Bharu Friday 22 June 2012

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