Thursday, June 7, 2012


With the right hand outstretched and clasped by the other, a solemnity is sealed. Witnessed and executed in all its forms and regulations a marriage is recorded. You and I would have attended such an occasion . I was a witness recently at such a happening but it was outside the country. 

Now why would it take place there? Necessarily marriage can of course be solemnized anywhere in the world and of course with all its principles. I am writing about this issue not in respect of the right or wrong but realizing that procedures of marriages across our Malaysian border have been a regular happening. No doubt you and I would rather allow such matter untouched. Yet again like many other things, experience is a creditable teacher. Recently I found myself in Songkhla Thailand and a witness to the issues at heart. Please understand that as expressed a 'witness' only.

          The Malaysian Consulate Office at Songkhla

                    Religious officials at the Songkhla Mosque

SONGKHLA is a thriving seaside town just north of Haadyai and about 90 kilometres  from the Malaysia -Thai border i.e Bukit Kayu Hitam. A drive northwards would take about one and a half hour. It has a large Muslim community and therefore a big modern mosque too with its administration. This is where facilities and procedures of marriage in this part of the country is conducted . The above picture shows three members of the mosque religious authorities 

                          The seaside at Songkhla

I am sure many of us have heard or read about matrimonial cases registered across the border. This could be marriages either for the unmarried couples or those who embark on additional marriage. I said additional rather than second as it could be an extension of more than one. Much as marriage is a sanctity and an obligation to be executed as ordered by religious procedures recognized by the religious departments of the country, there are regulations that no doubt lent halting brakes to those who require speed and less bureaucracies. Like all matters there are always situations that seek clarity or solution. People seek the light in the tunnel. Songkhla is a case that assist. The truth is it is recognized and registration is made with the Malaysian Consulate in the town. Be that as it may, it has to be reported to the Muslim authorities in Malaysia however.

No doubt you and I would rather allow such matter untouched but when situations grant the needs for a way out it has to be found. Yet again like many things experience is a creditable teacher and I found myself knowing plenty about the happenings of the day. Don't be surprised there is quite an attendance daily and from Muslims in Malaysia too plus the helping hands.

Issues of the hearts, love and attractions that are either reported or hidden in our kampong and towns do require solutions. Leaving them unsolved or allowing them to take their own paths would naturally add pain and disorder. We do not want calamity inadvertently reported in the media.  'Songkhla' is a solution but do we continue it to be the salvation rather than recognize procedures that help and solve problems of the hearts. Time was the essence as the solution that presented itself then was executed in quick time. 

What takes place afterwards is another chapter.

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