Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sdr Hj Yusof Darus welcoming all for the 'Sepetang dengan Guru-Guru Kita'
he is one of the 1959 students of Sekolah Keb Tunku Bendahara Kodiang. A TV3 newsreader before retired.

It has been a fleeting week but coloured with satisfaction and good reminder of the past. Looking back we share with friends the memories of the past. In this case, the friends are my former students of my first school attachment in 1959 upon my initial reporting after completing my teacher training at Kirkby. I record this in recognition of their close attachment with me since then. The relationship that has developed in the past 53 years speak aloud of their respect and affection. How could you explain when I was their teacher for a year only since I moved to Brunei the following year.

They were students of the Special Malay 1 of Sekolah Tunku Bendahara, an English medium school, the first and only one at Kodiang, a suburb at the border of Kedah and Perlis. Much later I learned from them how grateful and thankful that as 'kampong' boys and girls that they were selected among the cream for the English medium school. They lived with memories of my rapport with them and my 'jungle jim' practices. Being a rugby player I remember passing some of the techniques of the game even though we did not have a 'padang' . A small grass patch was sufficient. Yes they learned to tackle. Maybe that's when they picked the right approach of getting their partners too.  They moved from primary to secondary and later colleges and universities,held posts and vocations throughout the country.

We met again later and continue to do so. They would remember to invite us for Hari Raya get together and other functions. Likewise they are welcomed at our home. Such intimation and friendship is hard to find. At one Hari Raya gathering an envelope was handed to me after one of the students seek permission from my wife. We received with thanks and upon reaching home found RM1000.00 with a thank you for 'knowledge' rendered. The teaching profession sees its rewards in many forms. This continued friendship is one great feeling.

A recent 'Sepetang dengan Guru-Guru' saw three teachers of the time with  dozen of them and their spouses. My salute to them and recognizing their teachers and teacher's day. Already 29th August 2012 has been slotted for our next meeting meaning a week past the coming Aidilfitri. 

                          The gathering at Dewan and Surau Hijrah in Jitra

               'Thank you Che Gu' and terima kasih kembali for the thoughts

two teachers and two 'students' sitting together

Four photographs of the 'Sepetang dengan Guru-Guru' All acknowledged 'warga emas' but young at hearts for the affection and friendship.

This story continues. Two days ago we visited the 'Butterfly Farm ' in Penang. It is naturally a must visit feature of the island and it has been there for the past 16 years. We managed to speak to the managing director who happened to be on site. Soon we received a call from his father Mr G.T.Poh who founded the farm and developed it to its present standing. It was our visit since more than a decade ago. There has been many additions to the old farm and therefore such strong attractions from locals and foreign tourists. 

It was another case of close attachment since Mr Goh was a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Darulaman in Alor Setar when I was the Principal. I recollected that he presented me a 'Raja Brooke' back in 1974 when he roamed the countryside for his butterfly collections during the weekends. Here was a man who ventured forth from the school room into a business venture that began as a hobby and expanded into a million dollar business.

We talked on the phone and vowed to meet again and so too perhaps with a few other teachers from Penang who were at Sekolah Menengah Darulaman in 1973 -1979.  The school had its success due to the teachers who gave their best at the time. Meeting them again help to rekindle the old experience and keep the friendship alive. 

A visit to the farm would allow you to see the following beauties as we have managed to photographed.Mind you many of the plants you would instantly recognized and they are favourites of the butterflies too. The visit is a learning process by all means. 


A scene from the Penang Club where the waves beat into the shore as the beaches were lashed with strong waves in the last two days, characteristic of the time at this part every two years, So says the local. June 6 2012.


Al-Manar said...

At our age reminiscing is a fascinating hobby. Of course our early years were the school days when children and teachers began to form special bonds which grew stronger over the years, especially in our memories.

To us the 50's are special years in our life and they will remain so as the group diminishes in number.

Happy memories to you, Cikgu.

Al-Manar said...

By any chance do you remember the head of the family shown in the picture of my current posting?