Monday, October 1, 2012


SEPTEMBER 2012 has been a memorable month. What with us ushering my wife's birthday and me accidentally falling into a drain at home because of an opened drain cover and hurting my left foot with the toe-nail torn off. Hurting? It was a reminder from the doctor who reminded what victims felt when Japanese soldiers pulled out the nails from them that reminded me how it hurts. This was when he was attending to me at the clinic. Syukur all is well now, only expecting the nail to take its place again.

 Observe the sitting of the guests and the row of 'hantaran' trays by the side with the Imam ( Juru Nikah) in front.

1.0 This weekend has kept us busy with 'khenduri' to attend when in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. On Friday afternoon 28 September we found ourselves at Masjid Besi Putrajaya together with the entourage from both the bride and bridegroom's sides for the 'akad nikah'. The majlis held after Asar Prayer was conducted by the Imam in the great hall of the mosque. Incidentally another similar function was taking place at the other corner of the mosque. The august and splendid Masjid Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin would naturally pulled many to hold their auspicious lifetime occasion here.The Imam's personal touch and clarity helped in a big way. A close colleague  Hashim A R returned from Canberra to attend his niece's wedding day and we were there too.      

  Another view of the entourage at the Mosque Hall

  Above two of the 'hantaran' for the bride as prepared by the bridegroom and his family


"Bila kita dah selalu ke Majlis seperti ini, kita tertarik juga dengan segala urusan dan persedian yang diatur baik bagi pihak lelaki atau perempuan. Mungkin ada sesuatu yang membantu dan membolehkan majlis-majlis seperti ini berjalan dengan lebih lancar dan sempurna pada masa akan datang dimana kita sendiri diminta membantu atau menguruskannya. Melihat kepada dua gambar utama diatas nyata majlis itu berjalan dengan teratur dan sempurna. Boleh dikatakan ramai yang turut hadir dan bermanfaat dengan keseluruhan majlis termasuk hujah-hujah yang disampaikan oleh Tuan Imam. Kita juga tertumpu perhatian kepada 'hantaran' yang dibawa oleh pengantin lelaki. Seperti lazimnya kemas, berhias indah dan menarik mata memandang. Pada kebiasaannya masa dan kos dibelanjakan untuk persedian ini. Apa pun saya tertarik kepada upacara 'akad nikah' yang nampaknya tidak diberi perhatian khusus. Samada ia diadakan di Masjid, Dewan atau rumah, majlis ini terus dengan keserdahanaannya . Tidak dengan sesuatu kerapian. Tetamu mengambil tempat duduk tanpa susunan; kecuali Imam dan Saksi, Pengantin dan wakil. Mungkin lebih baik jika ada susunan dan kerapian agar Majlis seperti ini akan lebih  kemas dan lebih-lebih lagi apa yang akan dibicarakan oleh Imam dapat perhatian SEMUA. Dewan Masjid tadi luas. Bagaimana pula jika majlis seperti ini diadakan di ruang yang sempit tanpa susunan tertentu?.Dengan persedian lain yang telah disusun rapi, termasuk apabila ' wedding planner' pula diguna adalah menjadi harapan susunan dimajlis UTAMA ini juga diberi perhatian sewajarnya.  Pokoknya ialah yang terpenting sekali."

 2.0 Dato Baharuddin Marji and Datin Home Gathering                     

On 29 September we had the pleasure of attending a get together at Dato Bahruddin's house at Petaling Jaya. Both of them had invited friends to their home for a belated birthday do. Friends especially Kirby colleagues were there.

3.0 Families at home in Putrajaya for another khenduri in the evening 29 September 2012

Time for 'satay' at the famous Kajang outlet


MamaTim said...

Coincidentally I posted my cousin's engagement in the style of anakmami :)
I share your sentiment with regards to attending functions like this one you posted, Pakcik, especially of those closest to us. From every one, we fondly bring home wonderful memories.

Al-Manar said...

Life seems never dull with you, travelling, eating, attending wedding, gathering of all sort. You are the envy of many senior citizens.

KotaStar said...

Sdr Al Manar,

While there is the urgency and the invitation and the willingness we try to do what is required. Syukur Illahi kerana diberi kesempatan dan kekuatan. I am sure you will be taken back at what I have noted in my latest story. Yes we are opening a restaurant of our home and therefore enabling our son and the boys and girls in the office to acquire new skills too. InsyaAllah we will keep you posted' Salam

KotaStar said...

Sdr MamaTim,

Read yr write up on the same issue. Great but unable to post the comment because the request for confirmation etc was undecipherable. We are sure the couple are in the best of health etc.

Anonymous said...

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