Monday, October 22, 2012


YOU MAY RECOLLECT STORIES ABOUT THE KAMPONG IN PENANG. It was in the news several years ago involving the residents, Penang state government and all concerned especially the political parties and individuals. Not leaving behind the Police and  Rela who were called to provide security when things got out of hand. With all the hula -valu however  it died a quiet death soon after. 

The episode for its glorification and confrontation also came to be labelled as "The High Chaparral" for its Indian and the cowherds settlement. You could easily refer to the story and its ending or settlement if any by clicking the button of your computer.

Strangely another similar story seems to repeat itself in Penang when a small piece of land along Burma Road hit the headline when it is being sold for almost RM 30 Million with a demand for payment to be cleared in thirty days.

How will the second episode end? Let's wait.

However let me disclose what has transpired with the "High Chaparral " case.

 What was a cowherd village in the quiet suburb in Glugor and adjacent to the Royal Malaysian Custom quarters now stands the high rise apartment buildings you see in the picture. I took the picture early one Friday morning, noticing that the apartments have not been occupied yet though all seems ready even with an extensive parking sections. 

Now one wonders what has happened to the original claimants to the land? Do they get even a chance to enter the gates much less walk into the apartments? Have their lawyers succeeded to fight their case to the end? Where were the so called champions? Sadly such stories get repeated. With luck it hits the headline. More often than not it lies in the shadows unknown and manipulated leaving the victims poorer in all forms. Land and property issues grabbed the media quite often. 

Taken much earlier in the morning with the high rise Royal Custom quarters in the foreground. The parking section of the 'High Chaparral' is seen lighted up.

The picture showing one of the houses at the village being demolished much to the regret and disappointment to the owners.



Fazlisa said...

Assalamualaikum KotaStar, I am not aware of the story. For all the times we've been going to Penang since childhood, I must say I do not know Penang geographically that well. KotaStar, I wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and beeteedoubleyou :) this is oceangirl:)

Al-Manar said...

In the name of development and for the sake of ther future generation - whoever they are.