Saturday, October 6, 2012

We Learn New Things

Naturally if we are curious or ready to attempt new things, we will of course learn new things, discovering things that we never knew before. All helping to make us wiser. That goes without saying we have to keep awake and open our eyes to things around. It is a dictum known for a long time but as time multiplies and we grow in age, learning comes in slow steps I guess. We miss the experience of doing it ourselves, Yes practically be with it. Anyhow even seeing things do help.

For example when at Perth Australia recently we saw people having the time of their lives, moving with the wind and being carried above the water and in the air. yes they were para- gliding. A hobby that could be attempted by the steady at hearts and the robust I guess. No way for us seniors to even touch the rope or attempt to skim over the water. No doubt it has been a hobby or game favoured by many now like many other challenging attractions..

2.0 Nothing strange about the picture below. However do you notice anything beside the bench without any person on it? Well the cars are parked in their bays on the left side of the road as this is a one way route and cars in Australia like in Malaysia are right hand driven. Notice the spaces between the parked cars. Yes , given at least four feet fore and back for easy maneuvering and a sigh of relief for all. I wonder why this is available? But not at home. Is it because our country is smaller than the Australian continent and therefore the thrift. Not that the cars in Australia are of  different sizes too.  

3.0   Talking about attempting or challenging new things? Below you see the frame works of a building coming into form.By the end of the month a new restaurant aptly named "Restoran TT Gajah" would see it opening its services to the public. One characteristic would be the five Royal Palms sprouting themselves through the roofs. Below my wife the architect having a close look at the design of the walls of the kitchen. So this will be another prospect to look forward too and helping to offer service to the community in terms of placement as well serving dishes the customers would choose besides a choice of place.

3.0 It also see us going purchasing for the necessaries and with luck we came upon a shop in Penang which as its sign indicate the ready availability of most items.

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