Monday, December 17, 2012

Friends Came Visiting

 After a good morning ride near Alor Setar, the group arrived at TT Gajah for breakfast and they had a hearty one at that.

 All cheers for having made it to Alor Setar and TT Gajah especially after all the planning.

 Dinner at Citarasa TT Gajah. The plates are ready on the tables and the dishes have yet to come.

 Before that light conversation was in order with them discussing the plan for the next day

Help yourselves! Surely these are not the shy types when it came for what are served for dinner.

Now these two bikers found themselves at the Haadyai Food Market and especially at this solely petai shop.

They are bikers, not youth but seniors in the range of the 5th and 6th series . Sometimes even the 7th series may be in too. They came from Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. Not necessarily on their bikes i.e cycling right from the the two cities but carrying their folding bikes in the car boot and ready to do exercise upon reaching terracotta of Alor Setar.Three members flew to Alor Setar and the bikes made available to them. Several of them were members who cycled at Perth a few months back. It was a get-together as promised and it came through meeting again and now in the north of the peninsular with them having a magnificent sight of the rich Kedah rice-fields at this time of the year.

The vast greenery of the Kedah Plain near Gunong Keriang and where our visitors absorbed the view as well as visited the Padi Museum. Come a few months later it will be a golden field when the padi ripen.

No doubt feeling tired and a restful break with a good cup of coffee helped at Hj Salleh Kedai Kopi did wonders.

The nine magnificent in front of the gate to Istana Anak Bukit with seven folding and two mountain bikes for the ride in Alor Setar. Many would remember how we rode our bikes in the 50's and 60's. Even school boys and girls cycled for more than 10 miles to get to schools and back. It would be thought as a tragedy now. Thankful that cycling has come back.


Al-Manar said...

I marvel at the rate you have been updating this blog in rapid successions as you actively travel around.

MamaTim said...

Salam Pak Non. Drove along Jln anak bukit this morning en route Jitra, and was looking out for your restaurant - x nampak.. and was wondering your operating hours too.

I imagine by now it's been drawing crowds- and pray you prosperous times ahead In-syaa-Allah ..

Anonymous said...

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kotastar said...

Sdr Al Manar,

That is to keep up with the missing links for the past month or so when I noticed that I have not kept phase with my monthly record.

I do hope the weather and the wind have not been strong as yet and allow you the comforts of the home by the sea side. Congratulation is also in order for the success at Al Manar.

kotastar said...

Mama Tim, It is open from 5 to 12.00 midnight. No problem if you travel on the road in the evening. We lighted up the two angsana trees by the roadside before the turn to the airport.Hope to see u and family.

Anonymous said...

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