Friday, December 28, 2012


Trees of course we are familiar with. More so with fruit trees that grow by the sides of our homes. There are also shaded trees that cover the routes we take every day, giving us shelter from the noon day sun. Yet forest trees from the deep jungles are getting felled down and vast areas of once thick forested areas become less and less and helping to cause vast damages of all kinds. Almost all areas by the sides of main roads now show commercial trees organized as plantations. Timber lorries which once frequented the main roads with their heavy loads of sized logs, sometimes only a single trunk now carted several pieces of tree trunks and more ever rarely seen.

Now what has become of the logs? Furniture for one and buildings the next. Surely modern wooden houses are seldom built for the simple reason that timber has exploded in price.

This subject particularly looks what one friend has tried to capture the lure of timber while bringing home the exquisite quality and finery of timber. Yet it has taken him more than a year to complete his home, painstakingly worked by craftsmen who share the skills and expertise of building wooden homes. Hopefully when completed it would be a treasure house expounding what we can do with timber in modern times. Nevertheless it does not require total pure quality timber to grace our homes. Even the discarded timber pieces or left-overs could be treasure piece giving our homes especially the grounds a fixture of their own. The following pictures would speak for themselves helping to indulge you in quality wooden frameworks, with skills that hard to come by now. Then interest and a little share of 'madness' may awake you to indulge in the beauty of wood and all its forms. 

 Notice the two wooden pieces that become a show piece. Punctured with holes and possibly discarded they stood as master piece of art.

Three roof tops for three separate buildings, shelters for the timber buildings.
Notice several other pieces of wood that in the foreground as supports.

     Old railway sleepers become good choices either standing vertically or horizontally.
     A gazebo or a small hut for the children is another construction piece that utilized timber.

          The large wooden house which has taken him more than a year to complete but since it is a a labour of love even the long period has given satisfaction and the dream can still endure until full completion.

         The man's creativity is seen in many places. Possibly there are many more secret pieces that remain hidden from view. Whatever I salute the owner for the painstaking planning and accomplishment.

Not often we get the opportunity to view such interesting pieces and works. Surely as they lay hidden within the gates of private homes. Given the chance a camera in hand is a necessary perquisite. THANK YOU

At another venue we see the roots of a tree trunk being turned into a beautiful piece of art and below teak planks for a cabin house being dried in the sun. All adding to beauty and creativity but at the same time reducing the timbers trees and greenery in our country unless replacements are in order via replanting.

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