Sunday, December 16, 2012


The main door to the house seen from inside

Part of the Penghulu's office, with the staircase to the 'Rumah Ibu'

A section of the back part of the house with the open door to Rumah Ibu

The stove in the kitchen. It was time when firewood was the norm and no gas or electricity for the housewives. Nevertheless the prepared food were the best you could ever find.

AS we moved along, we cannot help recognizing the changes that have taken place. It becomes truer when you visit places away from where you stay. Sometimes it is good to be touched by the old traditions, accordingly saved by concerned persons who cares for the past. A visit to the Badan Warisan Malaysia at 2 Jalan Stoner in Kuala Lumpur identified that traditions remained intact. There to be seen and appreciated. Then again how many recognized that? 

Just look at the above photos.Now how could we expect to witness such beauty in a concrete city like Kuala Lumpur, yet they are there. It is such ingredients that give pleasure to the visitors. Lonely Planet, the traveling guide listed Badan Warisan Malaysia as No. 46 of 465 things do when in Kuala Lumpur. Badan Warisan Malaysia founded in 1983 is concerned with the conservation and preservation of Malaysia's built heritage. Amongst its program included the Central Market, Istana Tengku Long Trengganu, Rumah Bomoh and Rumah Kutat Perak.

 The house is located at Jalan Stoner Kuala Lumpur

Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman of Serdang Kedah is another heritage built environment saved by Badan Warisan Malaysia. The above four photos were taken recently when I was on a conducted tour of the house. Yes twice daily except for the off days a conducted tour of the building is organised for the visitors. Like the foreign tourists visiting the house I too marveled at the exquisite structure, planning and naturally the openness of the house.  Thanks to Badan Warisan Malaysia for the care and deep rooted interest in saving our heritage. Whenever you are in Kuala Lumpur do give time to drop at No 2 Jalan Stoner. It is quite near to KLCC too.You will be surprised what else you will find there.

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