Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Ramadan is the fasting month for Muslims. It strikes a lasting impact each year it comes around. Much as it heralds the first of Shawal after a month of fasting during the day and celebrated by all, it necessarily bid a farewell with thoughts whether we would be fortunate to welcome the month again the coming year. The religious obligations that we performed during Ramadan far outstretched any other months in the Muslim calendar.  

This morning the attention is focused at looking the current obligations of Muslims breaking fast at sunset. 'Obligations' to an extent when we depart from our home and instead break fast outside thus not being with the whole family. Maybe the attractions and callings or invitations do take us away from the family and allow us to be with others for the occasion.  

A, With friends and neighbors at the mosque.

No you do not have to travel away from home but just arrive in time at the local mosque for reading of the prayer and helping where necessary with the jumaah. You simply sit with the rest of the neighbours and breakfast with the the call of the 'azan' The dishes are served either by the mosque officials or the caterer. No one lingers for the maghrib prayer soon calls upon all to be in the mosque. All will leave for home after the prayer and prepares to return for the Isyak and Terawith prayer soon after. Much as at our local mosque only the male jumaah attend the breakfast session, there are mosques which see the family attending the breaking of fast. This surely assures a healthy growth in the community. 

B, At a hotel or restaurant in the city. 

Advertisements in the newspapers and hoardings outside hotels and restaurants invite customers to breakfast at these places. Naturally they showcase the delicacies and menus that are attractive in combination with the price set. A family which takes to this invitation will naturally pay a RM 50.00 per person or more, not counting that they have to leave home to arrive at these establishments. Naturally the atmosphere added to the 'luxury' of the establishment not forgetting the display of dishes which catch your eyes.

      The servings that tempt you but the how much can you eat?

No this now appear as a display item at the restaurant, though they must have been a hit before

This was all that come to be placed on the dining plate.

       At a middle eastern restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

C, At home or a restaurant in town particularly at Restoran TT Gajah Alor Setar

We offer a good rate for breaking of fast at RM 20.00 per person with the homely atmosphere and local dishes added in. This is just like breaking fast at home too. A surau on site offers the necessarily need of the guests.

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