Saturday, July 13, 2013


IT'S BUSINESS AS USUAL AT THE RESTORAN, After a break of two days the staff is set to welcome guests for the stretch of Ramadan. We offer a promotion of RM 20.00 p/p for our buffet Ramadan.

For friends and colleagues of KOTASTAR do come and have a look at the restaurant which has been running since Muharram 1434. Not reaching our first anniversary as yet.

This wooden house rebuilt from its old dilapidated condition and forming an attraction of its own, now is used as a surau for visitors that are at the restaurant for 'buka puasa' an addition to the existing one. It's next to the restaurant as can be seen from the picture below.

 We are sure the chefs and the staff have prepared the best for the customers and hopefully this Ramadan will be the beginning to many more in the years forthcoming.

 This is the inside of the wooden house ready for 'maghrib' prayer especially for our guests. Our large parking space and safety add to the facilities that Restoran Citarasa TTGajah offers.

A few months back I was on the top of the building under construction right in front of the restaurant and managed this aerial photo with the greens around. Two days ago, I have a picture of the completed building which now stands right in front of the restaurant. Both now compliment each other positioning at Kilometer 10 Titi Gajah Road.

This is the new Tabung Haji Hotel which will see the Haj passengers leaving from here direct to Jeddah or Madinah starting this haj season. It stands directly in front of Restoran CitaRasa TT Gajah and both are landmarks on the Alor Setar Jitra Road and a stone's throw to the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport.


Al-Manar said...

It is truly fantastic. How I wish TTGajah were within an easy drive from where I am to drop by once a week with my lunchh group. Is seems successful and is likely to branch out to East coast, right?

kotastar said...

WE would love to receive you and yr group. InsyaAllah maybe you will make a trip to this part of the country soon and we would be happy to welcome you and the family. Why not dah lama tak ke kawasan disebelah sini..Thank you for yr compliment and to think of it we have managed to start the food and hospitality business at this juncture of time. It shows what objectives and planning can achieve.However without our son and the group it could be another story. We could reflect on the song 'My Way' for both our attempts. You at AlManar and us here Citarasa TTGajah and the Architectural service' Salam (belum terfikir untuk berkembang lagi)

Anonymous said...

baru balik dari makan mlm kat Restaurant Titi Gajah. Tempat yg selesa utk bawa seisi keluarga. Tp makanan tak berapa enak. Tomyam tak rasa Tomyam.. tak ada daun limau purut, takada serai..pedas semata2.Sila baiki mutu masakan. Dulu rasa sedap tp sekarang dh menurun mutu masakan.