Monday, July 8, 2013


 IT'S THE TIME of the year when the fruit is in season.It is no ordinary fruit but the thorny one at that and better known as the KING OF FRUITS,especially in Malaysia and South East Asia in general where the "durian" is found. The base word 'duri' means thorn and 'durian' applies to it.

Several motor cyclists with special carriers had arrived earlier at Azam's fruit stall to deliver their supply of the fruits. These would be the collectors who had visited the orchards in the area earlier in the morning.

On Saturday morning the 6th of July 2013 I was at Biak a village in the district of Kubang Pasu Kedah to collect several fruits which I have ordered earlier. Knowing there would be a big request for the fruit you would have to make a prior order less you may arrive and come home empty handed or with a mere collections not enough for the group that you expect to come to your function.I needed a fairly large number and therefore the prior order with the request for quality fruits too. Azam the fruit distributor who operates the business from his stall had promised to meet my request.

Two boxes had been unloaded and ready for classifications. The likelihood you would be one of many that would find it hard to identify and select the better fruit from the other.

Already the fruits are grouped into size or quality as known by Azam, who has been in business for several years and know from which orchards the fruits came from.

Nine durian fruits of good size and quality from our novice eyes but they have to be opened to discover the actuality of the fruits. However Azam would be able to show the best from his long experience. Now how do you 'break' open the thorny fruits?

They are on the weighing scale. Altogether they weigh 75 kilograms. About sixty fruits of various sizes were entered into the boot of the Volvo car. In town the durian would cost RM 4.00 to RM 8.00 per kilogram depending on the quality. If that was the price I would have to pay a heavy price. For that very reason that's the reason for making the visit to the village and the orchard area itself.

  All that to be taken home and at a price most unexpected. No I will not reveal the price less there is a great rush to the place. Give me a call perhaps we can make the trip together.

Now they are at the restaurant, ready for the guests.
Restaurant Citarasa TT Gajah is ready to receive its guests for the 'khenduri' in conjunction with welcoming 'Ramadan'. held after the Asar prayer. We had the 'jummah' from the local mosque, neighbours and friends. Besides the dishes prepared, the guests had the taste of the local fruits in season and especially the durian. It was a hit as none would miss the opportunity to taste the good and delicious king of the fruits.

Its ambiance, closeness and the friendship of group and community help to usher in Ramadan realizing our obligations; grateful that we are able to welcome the month again with all its distinctions.

The durian was a hit at the gathering as all the fruits turned out to be of good quality and the complete disappearance of all the sixty odd fruits after no less than two hours was testimony to its favouritism amongst Malaysian especially. Nevertheless the current fruit season saw other local fruits making their appearances too. Distinguish them?   

  Rambutan, mangosteens and dukong are favourites too. Petai of course cannot be missed.  

Wishing all my Muslim friends all the best of health and may you fulfill all its obligations during Ramadan.

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Anonymous said...

I missed the opportunity to savour some Durians from Biak/Malau recently as the family had a feast at my uncle's place there. Got to wait for next season I guess.