Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It has been more than a half century and these silver pieces remained a stark reminder of my athletic days and moments when time as youth were spent in the best possible way, in the open spaces and on green fields.Now attractions take to other focuses.

Being an athlete in my younger days, I would be on the mark and set to sprint off the starting block the very moment I hear the first burst of the gun. I would be dashing, competing with the rest to breast the tape at the end of the track. The Olympic 100 and 200 meter dash at the recent Beijing Game was certainly a sight to behold though its lightening speed was a far cry of our earlier ability.

Here, only a click is needed to bring on the requested blog page emblazon the LCD screen with its particular design. Now bloggers have come forth with personal blogs that epitomize creativity and inspiration. Blogs now feature photo, video, music, slide show and strings of other attachments at the behest of the designer or blogger himself. It is free too.

The snail phase posting taken over by email is almost a thing of the past with the added spread of blog with all its colorful hues. Accessed by friends and randomly clicked by others, blog messages, write up or news get international coverage. Popular and known blogs get outstanding callers. One particularly begun by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia named ‘Che Det.com’ hit nine million visitors in less than six months of its inception. You may be a newscaster, a journalist or a writer with several publications to boast off, would you get comments or feed backs from your readers the very next moment the prints appear? Outstandingly, the comments may come from any corner of the world and not necessarily from your own territory. Yes bloggers have the luxury of interacting and this is the special asset of the new media.

Now if ‘pen-pals’ correspondence was a hit in the 1950’s, inducing people to link with one another between countries and continents, blogs now open the flood gates to interaction between people with common inkling and interest and all with the luxury of speed. I would like to guess that bloggers toil happily throughout the hours meeting their personal dateline to get their stories into space as most are already bitten by the bugs. It bugs me if I fail to get a good story or episode in Kotastar.blogspot.com necessarily once a week or more regularly. The itchy fingers do wish to see themselves drumming on the keyboard. Many a prolific writer has been born since blog come about. Portable laptops and accessible Internet connections where ever you may be have added greater pull to blogging. Photography too is given a big boost since most blog pages come accompanied with fine photos.

One exacting advantage, I discover is the ability to link with your own kin or family. A family that blog, will find a source of new energy and depth. Much as some issues remained personal and are never divulged, they tend to surface somehow in individual’s blog. A son or daughter may not want to tell many things about their ups and down to their parents but trusting their colleagues their adventures and escapades may appear in their choice blogs. How could they guess that their dad or mum may be surfing too? I am now able to peep into my daughter and son in law’s blogs as well as other close relatives. This has somehow brought about a closer interaction and understanding. I am able to understand more of their likes and directions. I have come to know more of their friends and surfers who visit their pages and directly or indirectly get connected to them too. The family has suddenly become larger, closer yet more intimate and bubbling with excitement.

Blogs and bloggers do not necessarily confine themselves to political commentaries, stirring disturbances and rupturing peace. If they are, they are part of many others that continue to paint a wonderful world with all issues and adventures helping to connect people, linking them closer and for all purposes spreading greater intelligence and harmony.

Lets us continue to give the best to this media with all its attractions. My early morning escapade without qualms could take me in matter of seconds to Toronto ( http//:moonlightnightsstarrryskies.blogspot.com), London (http://kakteh.blogspot.com/), Istanbul (http://refcobass1. blogspot.com),Ampang(http://castlebukit.blogspot.com),/ Putrajaya (http://serikepayang.blogspot.com),
TanahMerah(http://bunganaga.blogspot.com)/ BanggolDerdap(http://nginap-srengenge.blogspot.com), Ceruk Tok Kun and Timbuktu etc knocking on doors of friendly homes whose occupants have wisely left their doors open irrespective of time. I may or may not meet them, but I am sure they would know that I have called had I left a short note. Invariably they will reciprocate and say hello. Now how friendlier and closer can you get?

Blogging is said to have therapeutic benefits, improving memory and sleep while also speeding healing after surgery. I cannot vouch for the rest of the claim but I tend to believe its relation with sleep. After accomplishing a good write up, toiling for good story and burning the candles late into the night, sleep could come quite easily. Seniors especially with time at their hands will find blogging resourceful

Will be happy to know how this portion has caste its spell on you.
We were at this 'kopitiam' for lunch today and surprise oh surprise to see the old nostalgia still alive and kicking in our town. See the furniture and especially the side table that provide privacy to the guests. The photos on the wall too characterised the time. The large TV screen however gives the period away. The containers at the counter offer various sweets for your choice.

Saw a movie recently picturing this model and knew nothing about it till the children told us how fantastic it is. So we had a touch of the steering wheel at a friend's showroom and mesmerized by its cost. You could possibly get two fine bungalows for the price of one Hummer.


U.Lee said...

Hello Kotastar, wow, I certainly enjoyed reading thru. And you're right re today's world.
I grew up when the first telephones appeared, 3 digits, and, its, "operatoro, please give me Kotarstar tiga enam kosong", ha ha.

And any urgent news it was that telegram rider on his old green BSA....then its, "Regret grandma kicked the bucket yesterday, stop, come quick, stop....ha ha.

I saw the first traffic lights installed in KL, and people brought chairs and stools to watch, the mata matas old days had rattan batwings too.

And today, you can pop over to Toronto in a jiffy, and I to your place....
to think only 10 years ago write a letter to you, nanti tiga minggu before get a reply.....yes, Kotastar, how times have changed....even the ahemmm, women too.

Old days younger sister or brother mesti ikut or else no date! Today....? Ha ha. Lain cherita.
By the way, you an Engineer, pop over my place, got something interesting.
Saya bukan Engineer, only a 'nearengine', ha ha.
You have a great week and keep well, Lee.

Kak Teh said...

Pak Non, I didnt know know you come a knocking in the morning - your morning, while I am still in lalaland.
Looks like Lee got here first. He's the dashing guy from Toronto, dashing here, dashing there.
yes, the world is getting smaller.

Queen Of The House said...

Wah, the Humvee ... monster of a truck (?) entah berapa million harga!

Yae, blogging has certainly made life more colourful.

Al Khalifah said...

Nice write up you have here! Love to drop by the nostalgic kopitiam over there...I'll be there one of these days. I just can't resist looking at the pics; hendrix, dylan, etc....bring back those nostalgic moment during my stay at the States during the 80's. I'm still early 40's but juz love the music back then.