Saturday, October 4, 2008


Beauty is after all in the beholder .

Have you ever accompanied your partner into a cosmetic department? I did recently. My wife was at KLCC Suria and somehow she was pulled to call at a cosmetic centre for reasons known to herself. Maybe on other occasions I did go along but only for a fleeting moment and then I was away enthralled at things of much greater interest to me personally. This time maybe it is the fasting that forced me to stay immobile and therefore opened myself to the greater intricacies of make-up and the people behind its facade. The enlightening moment gave me a good insight into the beauty trade and answered many questions unsolved or non-pursued before.

Many young men I believe would disassociate themselves from being seen in such predicament or more so in a brassiere section of a departmental store. I had that trepidation many decades ago. They fear caustic remarks from friends. At my age now there is no such worry. So I settled quite comfortably and absorbed all that was happening. The store located at a busy corner of KLCC Suria certainly pulled in many ladies as they passed by. Some had a fleeting looks at the accessories displayed, others made enquiries and some of course stopped to lighten their purses. My wife halted and was attended to. After a brief discussion, the next moment I saw her sitting at a glass frontage desk, an assistant busy giving advice while looking at her face, eye lashes, lips etc. What is happening and how long would we be here?

She was at MAC, one of those beauty stores the likes of Chanel, estee Lauder, Dior, Clinique, Revlon and others. Now I realise the number of established names in the beauty business all with their distinguished brand of lipsticks, brushes, foundations, skincare, nail polishes etc. Mind you their prices of course are as good as the beauty treatment they offered and the names they go with.

At this point let's look back at some of the wise sayings or quotes about beauty and wonder no more why our women give time to be infront of the mirrors naturally when possible.

A beautician remarked "It is an art form like any other where the human face and body are the canvas that can be transformed into works of art"

A Turkish proverb explains "A Heart in love with beauty never grows old" .

Another beautician is at her best because to her " My mind is to conceive ideas, my hands to create them, my eyes to appreciate the results" All three regard beauty as the metamorphosis either by natural growth or development assisted by creativity.

Mac as part of its its advert says "' ...women are looking for (our type of cosmetic). It can change you in a matter of minutes from the average looking ordinary girl next door into a striking beauty. Mac have a whole range of makeup, haircare and skin care product for you".

Acquiring all the paraphernalia is of course one aspect but applying them is another adventure in itself. I was struck by the presence of several Mac assistants who are there to assist and advice. Their attire naturally justifies their vocation though it looks out of this world. Then again in the name of trade and publicity anything goes.

A Malay youth in his early twentieth going by the name of 'Apple' considers himself a make-up artist and is deft at his work. I was much intrigued to see him in his elements besides that he told me he was trained as a fashion designer and has branched into this new career which rewards him handsomely. Besides his current position here, he serviced recording and film starlets, wedding couples and theatrical players and Kuala Lumpur has many who require the services of make-up artists like himself. I asked him what do you need to work with Mac cosmetics? Would the company require a cosmetology certificate? He did not possessed one but he has the experience , personality and uppermost the ability to sell the product. Like an artist, he has talent and a natural eye for makeup. Working at KLCC , the centrepoint in Kuala Lumpur helps him to reach many discerning clients as well.

It was almost forty minutes later, that we walked out of the cosmetic service centre. My wife had what she wanted when she walked in and I had a good opportunity to learn of a service sector growing with modernity and international settings.

For us, "the glory of young men is their strength and the beauty of old men is the grey head" thus quotes a proverb. Come to think of it, way back in my mother's time 'bedak sejuk' would be the perfectionist of all things.

The young man at Mac in all his sidearms ready to assist where it is required most. 'Apple' is a make-up artist, a UITM graduate and in the elements of a burgeoning career.


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