Thursday, October 30, 2008


  1. A late nocturnal excursion in town helped to reveal some aspects of the city which we seldom see in the course of the normal visit.The hues and colors as captured by the lenses and the steady adjustment of the camera and the tripod stand added a new dimension. One particular thing that came to mind was the variety of street lamps in the city that either decorate or illuminate the streets and its surroundings.That naturally will become a subject for review.

The State Museum at Bakar Bata mystifies as if its own collections helped to add to the magic of the night with the shrouded cloud above its roof.

These lights stand as sentinels alongside the Anak Bukit Road giving spirited confidence to those who pass by and guaranteeing safety to those behind its walls.

The new gate to the istana. A facade that appeared with the celebration of the Sultan of Kedah golden anniversary recently.

Light at the courtyard of Wisma DarulAman, the State Administrative building.

Wisma Darul Aman

No visitor to the city will miss viewing the magnificent Balai Besar right in the centre of the City

Another view of the wall fronting Istana Anak Bukit

Perhaps the brightest section of the City even late in the night

This is the Rukun Negara Fountain at the round- about along Jalan Teluk WanJah and Jalan Sultan Badlishah in the city

Wisma Negeri in the centre of the City, was at one time the seat of the government

Soon enough before dawn the devout will approach Zahir Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosque in the country

Two pictures taken at Titi Gajah with the lights of the airport in the background. The padifield in the foreground and the darkening sky remind us of the threatening seasonal flood that comes far too often A new park built at Jalan SukaMenanti with the characteristic kris as one of its symbol perhaps lent a strong sense of confidence to those who wish to wonder around in the dead of the night.

For the photographer crazy enough to hit the street and whereabout of the city at the dead of the night, it was not surprising that those who met him wonder if he was a 'seeker' or a 'ghostbuster' moving around with his SLR Nikon and a steady tripod stand.


U.Lee said...

Hello Kotastar, wow! Outstanding shots....
you are a good photographer....looks like National Geographic, ha ha.

Night shots not easy to take, but you sure captured the essence of night and lights.
Well done.

Me? I have my 12 year old Nikon F601 film camera and my 32 years old Yashica Electro 35 as backup....used to take sceneries, but after some years got bored...

Then discovered I have a ahemmm, abit of talent taking portraits...making woman beautiful with my cameras.
And my reward? I get a "Holy Smoke Lee! Is that really me"? And this coming from matured women, ha ha.

Now I have several albums of young, not so young and matured women in all poses, and everyone is a triple look and a "Ohhh my God! kind of shots, ha ha.
You have a nice day, and keep on shooting. Best regards, Lee.

KotaStar said...

Dear Lee, thanks for calling and leaving behind a thoughtful and encouraging note. Yes I have been wondering why you slated in several features of women's apparel in yr story while of course saluting you for the many damsels that are attracted to your posting and several candid photos of the beautiful.Apparently the interest must motivate you and I must admire you for the energy displayed, composing yr story as well as replying to ALL that call or halt to say hello to uncle Lee. Maybe one day I can have a look at the 'album' and learn the secret from you. Keep smiling and enjoying all the comfort around you. Regards Zainal

farizulanuarmurad said...

pak non hebat laaa shotinng nya...
ajar skittt,,,