Tuesday, June 22, 2010


NOW I am falling into deep water for wanting to touch on the above topic. Not that I have any complain for women using the scarves. They have the right to do so. The choice of scarves has however been complex as the women have no easy way to pick the right one. Over the decades options have come their way and especially now there are so many styles and models.

I am sure not many men or husbands would dare to venture into a shop or boutique selling this special head dress. One simple reason, it will leave you waiting for a while. There were times when you would halt at a scarf shop especially at most international airports and pick up one or two for your loved ones. That would be a small gift to bring home. Especially if it is branded from Italy, France or Japan , it will be a delight. Not now, those designed scarves are out dated. New design and replacements that take to the shape of the head and wearer is in vogue. The choice is not that easy and I cannot guess whether it is the color, the shape, the usage, the style or the following that becomes the category.

Your views may enlighten us. Thanks


Ocean Girl said...

It gets more complicated Kota Star, now they go by the different celebrity styles.

KotaStar said...

Ocean Girl
Yr point taken and all the best to you in yr next visit to the boutique.The scarf is a small part of the body attire and it should compliment rather than distracts.Celebrity styles of course add to the cost and more introduction from time to time.Happy choosing.