Tuesday, June 15, 2010



WHEN someone makes news, then the media falls into frenzy. This is especially true when the news become attractive and captures the international media. You may remember that Al Gore, the former Vice President of America who gained an unsavory attraction when he last visited Malaysia made a surprise disclosure together with his wife regarding their split or 'divorce' after 40 years marriage. However he was not successful in breaking the record for being the oldest married person to gain that notoriety because a couple who announced their separation at the age of 93 and after a marriage of over a half century had capped the record. Now why would such couples after years of blissful life with families of their own would come to that embarkation? Theirs would mean a disconnection of sorts of children, grand children and families at large. Now it appears that what we would think as unforgiving, unrealistic and unthinkable seems to be a new direction at least in the west. The breeze of change would surely blow to other directions and cause a multiplying effect. There are copy cats and they would take on the style if we may say so.

Malaysian and Muslims especially would shake their heads at disbelief for such uncompromising agenda. Our trust in the sanctity of marriage and family hood would forbid such happenings. Yet recent marriage affairs in the country show that we are not far from reeling in such circumstances. As an example marriage and polygamy at that could be executed without written consent of the 'syariah' or religious court. At most it has been done though left to the court to decide now its legality or acceptance.

The extraordinary reason being proposed for the split at a late stage in life is that the couple now seeks freedom of their own. The lady of the house feels that she needs life of her own, seeks new friends outside the normal circle and get away from the doldrums of partnership with one mate. Hard to understand! She wants to quit routine chores: responsibility for house maintenance, cooking, gardening, entertaining and strings of other activities which she reckoned has bogged her down to an unsavory life style. She believes she has not been given the best of her life, halted from moving on because of marriage. Her partner too thinks the same and maybe more. All oriented to self motivation and glorification. No allowance for partnership. Strange that such thought disturbs them; and no qualms at taking the new strategy. Family unification is given the last guarantee.

There is no question of infidelity or sexual attractions here at their octogenarian age. No falling in love again; no more children or in the family way. It is a call for personal freedom which has escaped them for decades. Is it so? Come to think of it we have always been made to know that the west has practiced freedom. Is this it?

Necessarily the media too must make it known that marriage lives have importance and rights of their own. Marriages throughout the world in all religious and customary backgrounds have bind families together, afforded union hard to find in any other concept. Must we allow a group who are disenchanted by its own lifestyle and mood sway the rightful feelings of the majority of the world to believe in their matrimonial and family unity? You and I who are happily married with decades of togetherness not only with our partners but with children, grandchildren and multiple families of our own must continue to show the comforts, security, bliss and rewards that we get from staying together. We do not need to seek extra freedom and life style and go gallivanting all over again and not when we should be besides our prayer mats most time. Religious teaching and acceptance play a strong role in maintaining our family unity.

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Ocean Girl said...

It is so true and you have put it plain and simple, marriage, like everythingelse must be done and maintained for the sake of Allah.